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Getting the best talent to join your organisation is a fierce competition, especially when other companies also targeting the same person you want to hire. Recruitment delays, unclear application processes and inefficient screening can put a hamper on your business’s growth plan, so you need to improve your recruitment game so you can hire the best and the brightest in the industry. 

Level up your recruitment with a solution that enables you to streamline your process to stay ahead of the competition. Reduce delays by consolidating all associated administrative tasks, grow your talent pool to increase your candidate quality and access advanced analytics and reporting to keep track of progress – all while providing a simple and engaging experience for applicants that builds your employer brand.  

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Why invest in a Recruitment Software?

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Find your future hire with a recruitment software fit for your needs

Looking for a solution to streamline the recruitment process and consolidate administrative tasks, while providing a really simple and engaging experience for applicants? Here’s what you need to look for:

Simplified application and screening process

Make applications easy for your candidates by reducing the steps and waiting time. Give your recruiters a boost by getting rid of manual paperwork and putting all necessary information is complete and available in one centralised system. By making your recruitment process more efficient, you can get the best talent before your competition does.

Job requisition management and tracking

Sometimes it feels like there is an endless list of roles to fill – but not when your recruitment team has an efficient tracker to make sure they are on top of it. And we do not mean a spreadsheet! Using the job requestion manager, you have complete visibility over the recruitment journey: from hiring ticket to application to screening to offer.

Easy job role advertising

Advertise your open roles where it matters so you can reach your target applicants where they are. Gain access to over 600 job boards across the region, and easily share the roles you need to fill to social media – even giving your employees the ability to share it to their networks, too.

Access to bigger talent pool across multiple candidate sources

Keep a record of all the people who have applied to your organisation for future roles. No need to sort through old applications or employee referrals. Sort and filter through the existing talent pool to find the best matches, or build a pipeline for your future open positions.

Efficient Offer Management

Keep all parts of the recruitment journey inside one centralised system all the way up to offer stage. Save time and cost by automating the offer process, build offer letters from customised templates, get approvals and sending the letter to the successful applicant all with a few clicks.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics

Measure the effectiveness of your talent acquisition strategy with metrics that matter to you. See how your new talents are tracking, and push these data into other HR modules like Payroll, Onboarding, Performance Management, Learning & Development and more, so your executives can see the bigger picture.

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No software or hardware required

Cloud hosted platform

Located in the cloud with no software or hardware, eRecruitment integrates seamlessly with other modules, job boards and existing third party systems.

eRecruitment is an intuitively designed online platform that streamlines the recruitment process and consolidates all the associated administrative tasks, while providing a really simple and engaging experience for applicants, building up your employer brand.

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Why Recruitment software is
important for organisations

Michelle Hyde
Senior Manager for Human Resources

Regional Australia Bank

“We wanted to provide our managers with an easier shortlisting process, reduce the number of administrative tasks required, and move away from paper-based recruitment and OnBoarding processes to produce more accurate reports.”

Richard Bird
Organisation Development & Capability Manager

Rotorua Lakes Council

“Recruiting managers have really enjoyed the speed with which you can now go from needing to replace someone for example, to actually getting a vacancy approved and advertised. They enjoy the functionality to being able to view candidates and short-list in the system.”

Vikki Hughes
Senior People and Culture Advisor

Leukaemia Foundation

“Having the option to customise our requisition page and templated letters such as offer and rejection letters within the Recruitment system is great.”

Who benefits from
Recruitment software?

Recruitment software benefits for managers

  • Reduced cost of recruiting
    Reduce your advertising and agency spending, freeing up resources for other projects.
  • Greater control
    Gain greater control of the recruiting process with instant access to scheduling and applicant information removing the hassle of a middle man.
  • Getter flexibility
    Have the ability to complete the entire recruiting process remotely, giving you a larger applicant pool to choose from.

How Recruitment software supports employees

  • Improve the candidate experience
    New employees settle into their role quicker and their time to productivity is shorter.
  • Employee Engagement
    Candidates become familiar with your organisation’s culture and values from the beginning and align to business goals faster.
  • Simplified process
    All relevant information including screening questions are now on a single page which will help ensure your applicants complete all the required information.

The benefits of Recruitment software for HR

  • Increase employee retention
    New employees are better suited to the business which reduces turnover and additional work for HR.
  • Streamline admin tasks
    Consilidates admin tasks on one platform while giving greater visibility to HR, yet also smoothly integrates with other platforms like OnBoarding.
  • Improve employer brand
    Better company reputation creates a larger candidate pool for new positions, leading to better quality of hire.

Everything you need to put your people first

Our solutions come with the following benefits… 

Access to tailored end-to-end HR technology

An end-to-end solution can look different for each business. We can help find the right mix that supports your current and growing needs.

A dedicated team backing your success

We regularly survey our users on our Help Desk response, resolution times and general satisfaction with our products.

Support when you need it, in your local time

It’s important that the support you get is received when you need it. Our support, project management and regular meetings occur within normal business hours.

Administrator Training

Empower your A-team to empower your business. We deliver all training personally to guarantee that your teams can hit the ground running.

Learning Hub

Self-learning is available to you and your team so you can access information anytime you need it. Watch how-to videos and download tutorials all from one central place.

Change Management Support

This transition is for everyone. We will help you prepare your business and employees to ensure a common goal is felt and success is shared. 

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