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We are the leading payroll services provider in Asia-Pacific, serving over 1,400 global brands and over 1.3 million employees in 30 countries and 7 languages. With headquarters in Australia, we have 800 dedicated payroll staff in 10 countries including 8 delivery centres. We work across multiple countries, multiple languages and within local legislations.

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Payroll outsourcing

With Ascender, you will receive a rapidly configurable payroll solution that covers your compliance and reduces your indirect costs, so you can focus on what it is you do best.

With your employees paid correctly and on time, across multiple countries if necessary, we remove all the challenges and streamline your payroll systems.



Why outsourcing payroll works better

Our approach to digital HR means that your human capital management functions smoother than ever before. Here’s just a few reasons why over 3,000 organisations trust Ascender as their HR outsourcing provider:

  • Asia-Pacific specialists
    • We have 20+ years of experience on the ground servicing a range of employees. We know how to speak your local language and understand the complexities of your local legislation.
  • Keeping up with compliance
    • We monitor and adjust your payroll to ensure you’re protected from expensive lawsuits and government penalties. Maintaining our ISAE 3402 Compliance standard means we make sure your business is always up-to-date with legislation, without you having to do a thing.
  • Taking manual work out of payroll processing
    • Payroll processing can be heavily manual and time intensive, which can result in errors, employee dissatisfaction and unnecessary costs. Empower your team by eliminating manual processing from their workday, leaving time for more productive tasks.
  • Managed payroll services = reduced staff costs
    • With our managed payroll services you can be sure that your end to end payroll requirements are looked after on time, every time. Guarantee business continuity by eliminating the risk of payroll staff , leaving your organisation or taking extended annual leave. We also take care of updating and maintaining your fast-evolving payroll technology, reducing IT expenses and alleviating time lag.
  • Payroll self service service that keeps your people engaged
    • With a modern and unified user experience, you can be sure that your employee’s engagement will be high, all while keeping their personal details up to date. By empowering your employees to manage their own data through payroll self service, you can reallocate your valuable resources to more productive HR outcomes.
  • We take the risk out of risk mitigation
    • We make it our business to be your back up. Never again worry again about the information that’s at risk stored in the mind of your payroll manager, and but rest assured that your risk mitigation plan is intact with an experienced payroll partner.
  • Integrated payroll services with your existing platforms
    • Whether it be finance, time and attendance or expense management, our sophisticated software can integrate with your current human capital management programs and eliminate data disparity. With an integrated payroll services approach, you can be sure to create efficiencies and contribute to your organisation’s strategic outcomes through consolidated reporting.

Our Payroll and HR Outsourcing services

We pay your employees correctly and on time, every time. But that's not all we are good at - we take your Payroll and HR outsourcing service to the next level with our human capital management expertise. Our service delivery models give you a range of services to choose from to ensure we are the best fit for your business.


Payroll Services

  • End to end payroll processing
  • Frequency variation
  • Implementation
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HR Services

  • Consulting
  • Employee Helpdesk
  • HR administration (Organisational structure, employee position management)
  • Talent administration (Learning, recruitment, performance management)
More HR services

Delivery models

Choose the service that betters your business.


In this service, we will take full control of your payroll, tax, deduction management, banking and superannuation, ensuring you are completely compliant and your employees always paid on time. Using our technology and proven systems, we will support you with people as well as processes. We understand the complexities and differences across regions and countries and always work within them.


If you choose this service, your team will run your HR and payroll system with total access to our software. Their vast responsibilities will be simplified into one intuitive ecosystem. We will provide assistance if and when you need it, as part of our ongoing support system.


Here you will maintain control over some payroll functions, while we take care of the rest. For example, you might have an existing HR system in place, so we would integrate our services with yours, freeing you to enhance your talent management in an already familiar environment.

Our Technology Platforms

Keep your payroll management compliant and your employees happy with Ascender's payroll solutions. Our varied technology platforms ensure that no matter where in the world you are or how complex your payroll function is, we have you covered.

We understand that no two organisations are the same, which is why our team takes a consultative approach to determine which combination of our technology and service solutions is the best fit for your HR needs.

Ascender Pay

A platform that has the capability to manage a complex payroll structure across different Oceanic and Asia-Pacific countries. Ascender Pay is a fully integrated human resource management solution offering Human Resource and Payroll Management functionality, real time Web Self Service, user configurable workflow and strategic reporting capabilities.

Ascender Preceda

Scale your HR BPO with Ascender Preceda, a proven solution for many of our Australia and New Zealand customers. Preceda provides a unified solution for paying your people, managing your core HR needs and delivering fast, accurate and efficient HR and Payroll outcomes. Whether you have 100 employees or 200,000, it offers a scalable solution that keeps employees smiling.

Ascender PeoplePay

Local compliance is at the core of Ascender PeoplePay, with our expertise stretching throughout 30 countries in Asia. Coupled with a brand new modern user interface and multi-language and currency capability, Ascender PeoplePay goes with your employees anywhere, and on any device.

Ascender Workcloud

A solution for your Japan employees; Ascender Workcloud is a bi-lingual cloud based platform providing a robust Payroll and Time and Attendance system. Our local team leverage their legislative expertise to deliver a local solution that also fits within your global model.

Global Payroll Solution

Think Global, Act Local. We are an active member of the Payroll Services Alliances, a partnered global solution delivering best-in-breed Payroll and HR technology and services by in-country experts. Through the Payroll Services Alliance, you can rely on strong local expertise, supplemented by coordination and integration at an international level.

A real estate and investment business had offices in five countries in Asia, all with their own internal payroll process.They came to us for a robust, automated and multi-country solution.

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