Ascender is now a Dayforce company

Dayforce, a global leader in human capital management (HCM) technology, completed its acquisition of Ascender in 2021.
Together with Ascender, Dayforce now serves a combined 1,500 customers and 2.5 million employees across 30 countries in the region.

Offering complete payroll and human capital management solutions in the region

A leading provider in the region, Ascender serves more than 1,200 global brands and listed companies across a range of different industries with integrated HR and payroll software and outsourced services. With Dayforce, customers will now have access to wider scalability and services in payroll, as well as Dayforce platform’s full-suite HCM capabilities, including workforce management, payroll, talent management, and time and attendance.

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Our Core Beliefs

We believe that employee engagement drives customer advocacy which leads to better business performance.

We believe technology trends are fundamentally changing how people work and how employees interact with employers.

We believe Payroll and HR solutions can use these trends to help employers provide a richer, more meaningful interactions with their employees.

We believe that people are our most valuable asset and will always be at the heart of Payroll and Human Capital Management.

We believe that local expertise is essential to successfully delivering payroll and HCM solutions.

Our Purpose and Mission

Our purpose is to support our clients to put their people first and unlock the full potential of their workforce.

We do this by developing and delivering HR and Payroll software and services across Asia Pacific.

Our Values

People First

We understand people are not simply an input into our business, they are our business. We collaborate to build strong morale and positive spirit in our teams. We celebrate diversity and uniqueness while providing a rewarding and engaging working environment for all.

Client Focused

Great relationships are the source of our success. We aspire to provide the highest levels of customer service by listening to and empathising with our clients, by providing superior solution quality, and by caring deeply about helping them succeed.


We trust each other to do our jobs and to act with integrity no matter the cost. We are open, honest, tell it like it is and always strive to do the right thing.

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