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Make a lasting and positive impact on your employees

A good first impression goes a long way, not just for the new hire starting on their first day of work, but for your organisation welcoming them. As new employees look forward to starting their careers and building good working relationships in your company, business leaders and managers should also exert the same effort to ensuring they have all they need to hit the ground running right before Day 1.

An employee onboarding system enables your people to complete their requirements, learn about the organisation and connect with the company culture as they begin their new career journey, while making it easy for your HR team to manage their progress. With a streamlined process and access to the right tools and information, your new employees can focus on their jobs and hit their stride to productivity in half the time.

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Why invest in Onboarding?

A good onboarding experience increases employee engagement and productivity, resulting in increased quality of work, higher retention and better referenceability.


How Onboarding software decreases time to productivity

Looking for a solution to help enhance your onboarding programs? Here’s what you need to look for:  

Personalised experience for employees

Whether you’re welcoming a new hire or an existing employee into a new role, you can help them connect and integrate with their new team using an onboarding software. Introduce your culture right from the start and help them find who’s who and what’s what in your organisation with ease.

Easy-to-use tools to complete required forms

Onboard faster than ever by giving your new hires access to mandatory forms even before Day 1. With less paperwork, your HR team can focus on giving your new hires a good employee experience to help them hit the ground running.

Online and automated policy management

Employees can sign off on all of their mandatory policies electronically. Create workflows that fits your needs so you can stay compliant without your HR team chasing pending requirements from your new hires.

Automated induction courses

Your new hires no longer need to jump to another system to finish their required induction courses. Employees can complete the courses that you identified to help them get started and get their certificate of completion all from one system.

Clear progress tracker throughout your onboarding program

Working on a three, six, twelve-month onboarding program? Monitor your new hire’s progress and ensure that they are tracking well all within the onboarding system.

Ability to auto-fill forms and store digital signatures

Fill out a form once, auto-fill the rest! Help your employees fill out tax forms, induction checklists, banking forms, car park pass and more without having to type their basic information over and over again. All information is kept in a secure server, and only used whenever needed.

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OnBoard Effectively

Put your People First

Superannuation just got easier

We’ve partnered up with one of Australia’s leading superfunds, QSuper. Help your employees prepare for the future by enabling them to pick their choice of superannuation directly through the platform.

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Why an onboarding solution is important for organisations

Effective employee onboarding programs can leave a positive and lasting impact to their new hires, while benefiting long-term performance of any organisation.

James Schmalkuche,
Senior HR Advisor


We really wanted to bring in a system that would help us recruit and on-board in a consistent manner. The recruitment and onboarding is pretty much seamless now.

Zena Boaks,
Chief Human Resources Officer


Our employees are now more aware of the company vision, because it’s visible from day one. They go into onboarding and they can see what the objectives are.

Vikki (Sanderson) Hughes
Senior People & Culture Advisor

Leukemia Foundation

We want new team members to have a brief overview of our values, ELT and any overarching polices prior to starting. Feedback from new team members is that they are impressed with the system, how professional it feels, how easy it is to use.

Everybody wins with our
OnBoarding Platform

OnBoarding Software for HR Teams

  • Streamlined and automated
    Say goodbye to manual processes and paperwork by making onboarding easier and more enjoyable for your new hires to finish
  • Full reporting capabilities for more insights
    Make data-driven decisions and identify gaps even before they become full-blown issues with access to reports and insights all within the system.
  • Better engagement before Day 1
    Onboard faster by giving new employees the tools to complete forms and policies online before starting and help them contribute to the organisation in record time.

OnBoarding Software for Payroll Teams

  • Integrate with your payroll software
    Easily connect your payroll with our onboarding system, so there’s no need for to re-enter any employee data to process payroll.
  • Less paperwork, less errors
    With less paperwork, there’s less risk for errors, you will find there will be less data errors due to no longer having to manually enter employee information from paper-based forms!
  • Pay your new hires correctly and on time.
    With access to all employee information before they even start you can ensure that your new hires will get paid right the first time, every time.


OnBoarding Software for Employees

  • Personalised from Day 1
    Help your new hires feel confident at every stage of the onboarding journey as you can provide all the necessary contact numbers, location details, welcome messages and more before they even start.
  • Complete forms with a click
    Your employees only need to enter their details once and the system automatically populates similar fields for all other required forms.
  • Superannuation workflow
    Help your employees prepare for the future by enabling them to pick their choice of superannuation directly through the platform. (Available to Australian customers only)

Everything you need to put your people first

Our solutions come with the following benefits…

Access to tailored end-to-end HR technology

An end-to-end solution can look different for each business. We can help find the right mix that supports your current and growing needs.

A dedicated team backing your success

We regularly survey our users on our Help Desk response, resolution times and general satisfaction with our products.

Support when you need it, in your local time

It’s important that the support you get is received when you need it. Our support, project management and regular meetings occur within normal business hours.

Administrator Training

Empower your A-team to empower your business. We deliver all training personally to guarantee that your teams can hit the ground running.

Learning Hub

Self-learning is available to you and your team so you can access information anytime you need it. Watch how-to videos and download tutorials all from one central place.

Change Management Support

This transition is for everyone. We will help you prepare your business and employees to ensure a common goal is felt and success is shared.

Unlock the full potential of your workforce

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