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Increase engagement, drive business outcomes & create an employee experience like no other with Ascender's Marketplace partners.

What is Ascender Marketplace

Ascender Marketplace takes your HR and Payroll functions to a whole new level. Get access to a number of highly rated solutions that connects with your Ascender platform to create an employee experience like no other.

Why choose Ascender Marketplace?

Not just any external solution can be part of Ascender Marketplace. We have chosen the best of the best in order to provide you a wider Ascender offering to help boost your HR and Payroll benefits and outcomes across your organisation.

Ascender Marketplace Partners

We have worked closely with our Ascender Marketplace partners to ensure a seamless experience for Ascender customers looking to add a Marketplace solution to their Ascender platform.

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Marketplace and Ascender HCM

An integrated Payroll and HCM ecosystem

Ascender Marketplace providers have been specially chosen to help drive business outcomes. When coupled with Ascender’s HCM modules like performance management and learning and development,  you are truly creating an employee experience like no other. You will no longer have to implement a number of different providers to get your desired HR and Payroll outcomes. Everything you need is in one location, with one provider and a strong support team and community to help you on your journey.

Remote working & going digital

Easily manage your workforce remotely!

It’s the perfect time to go digital! With the introduction of Marketplace, many manual paper-based processes are now online, making it easy to manage your employees remotely. Utilising digital platforms in this new contactless way of working will assist you in knowing exactly what your employees need to ensure strong engagement and productivity across your workforce.

Marketplace Partners

Build a more giving society

Increase engagement and employees’ sense of belonging and meaning by making charity donations easier directly via your Ascender payroll.

Upskill your workforce today

Helps you enhance your Ascender investment through a comprehensive catalogue of elearning courses from top publishers.

Safeguard your employees’ financial wellbeing

Empower your employees by making it easier to choose a fund when it comes to Super through Ascender’s digital onboarding solution.

Unlock Ascender Marketplace

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