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Finding the right training solution can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be

Learning and Development isn’t a once off activity anymore. Employees expect companies to provide continuous development and foster a culture of learning.

Ascender’s integrated Learning Development System (LDS) is the world’s most praised Learning Management System. It incorporates traditional learning (internal or external classroom based, face to face) and online learning (anywhere, anytime). This combination is referred to as “blended learning” and is the most powerful and flexible learning platform for most organisations.

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Integrated Learning Management System

Improve your workforce skills and productivity

Foster a culture of learning and development by mixing on-the-job learning, coaching and mentoring and a variety of formal learning activities to create an engaged workforce.

Gain insight with analytics and reports

With comprehensive metrics, you can measure the effectiveness and value of your training and then make better decisions based on those metrics.

Upskill and retain

With our learning content partner you can access comprehensive professional development training covering areas of leadership, HR, communications, customer service, IT training and sales skills.

Compliance courses included with every system

8 online compliance courses including: Discrimination & Equal Opportunity, Electronic Communication & Social Media, Misleading Conduct and Competition Law, and a bunch more!

Automate learning to meet your process

Manage all your learning assets easily from one central location. This means tracking all types of learning activities or even creating a training program by grouping multiple training activities.

Learning Development System

Our Learning Development System incorporates traditional learning (internal or external classroom based, face to face) and online learning (anywhere, anytime).

Access over 50,000 Premium resources

Find the best training content to develop your team. All in one easy subscription

Our learning content partner gives you instant access to thousands of learning resources, from the best content providers around the world – directly within Ascender’s platform.

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Unlock your potential

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