Ascender Connect
Complete payroll and HR services integration

Ascender Connect brings it all together to make your job easier

Technology is a great enabler for business – but only if it all works together. Welcome to Ascender Connect, a cloud-based platform connecting payroll, HR and enterprise applications.

Focus more on your people and their experience

We partner with the best Human Capital Management business to give you a dynamic and unified solution. We manage your dataflow, security and integrity so you can put your people first.

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The Benefits of Ascender Connect

Designed to integrate HR and Workforce Management systems with Ascender’s payroll platforms; providing an efficient, streamlined, cost-effective and integrated ecosystem that brings people closer together for a more harmonious work environment.


  • Enhanced utilisation of legacy systems
  • Unites scattered data enabling enhanced reporting and analytics
  • Two-way data flow to continuously synchronise data


  • Simple dashboard for complete visibility
  • Plug-and-play across all applications
  • Two-way data flow between legacy systems


  • Enterprise grade data security
  • Better data integrity
  • Single sign-on

Complete Payroll and HR Services Integration

Ascender Marketplace

Dynamic and unified solution
that puts your people first.

Ascender partners with the best HCM, Workforce Management and value-added providers to give you a dynamic and unified solution that drives employee engagement. We offer a framework where you can connect with third party value-added software providers that provide solutions that enhance your employees’ experience and unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Co-Operative Problem Solving

Resolve critical Payroll and HR challenges with the help of Ascender Marketplace – Ascender’s ecosystem of partners. Ascender Marketplace is comprised of a growing number of applications and providers focused on unlocking the full potential of your workforce through integrated Human Capital Management and Payroll solutions helping you achieve even greater results.

Seamless and Secure technology integrations

Your employees can access their pay, leave and time through one unified dashboard, grow their skills with hundreds of relevant learning content, take control of their finances with flexible pay, and more. We take care of everything else in the background so you can focus on your people and their employee experience.

Marketplace Partners

Increase engagement and employees’ sense of belonging and meaning by making charity donations easier directly via your Ascender payroll.

Helps you enhance your Ascender investment through a comprehensive catalogue of elearning courses from top publishers.

Empower your employees by making it easier to choose a fund when it comes to Super through Ascender’s digital onboarding solution.

An integrated Payroll and HCM ecosystem

Our Integration Partners

Innovative value-add solutions

Partner with us

We focus on creating prosperity for our people through transformative and easy to use technology. That’s why we work with leading organisations — to better our client’s lives while shaping the future of our industry. Here are some of the ways you can partner with us to create seamless, superior payroll and HCM solutions for your clients.

Product Partner

Ascender’s platform has been designed to integrate with new products, so if you have a cloud-based solution tailored to benefit HR managers, our platforms can collaborate with a high level of security and control.

Service Partner

Serve your clients better by giving them access to valuable and up to date industry insights. If you have a service, like an advisory or consulting firm, we can provide you with extensive local and global payroll expertise.

Referrals Partner

Become part of the team. We’ll teach you about our products and services and give you access to unique resources –  an exciting opportunity to drive additional revenue streams and shape what happens next in the HR space.

Insights Partner

We’re always looking to provide new thought leadership insights about Payroll and HCM. Collaboratively create and reach out to a wider community through partnered events, content partnerships or directory listings.


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