Create a culture of learning with continuous opportunities for employees to grow

Learning and Development is not a one-off activity anymore. Employees expect companies to provide continuous development and foster a culture of learning to meet the demands of the time. As the workforce evolves, having a one-size-fits-all approach to learning will no longer be Effective. Organisations must keep in mind the different learning styles, stages of development and diverse experiences of their employees as they plan their learning and development strategies.

With an integrated Learning Management System (LMS), companies can now offer traditional learning (internal or external classroom based, face to face) and online learning (anywhere, anytime), meeting the employees where they are engage and empower employees to accelerate their development.

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How much is employee turnover costing you?

From hiring and training costs, losing employees before they are even adding value to the organisation is a major issue. Use our employee turnover calculator to see what it is costing your organisation.


How an Integrated Learning Management System works

Looking for a way to enhance your employees’ learning experience? Here’s what you need to look for:

Different learning options to improve your workforce skills and productivity

Foster a culture of learning and development by providing a variety of options to learn for your employees. From on-the-job learning, coaching and mentoring to a variety of formal learning activities, you can engage your workforce in multiple ways while ensuring maximum knowledge retention.

Access to analytics and reports

Measure the effectiveness and value of your training and gain insight from metrics you defined in the system. Gain insight from actual learner data so you can make data-driven learning decisions and ensure your stakeholders see the bigger picture, too.

Comprehensive professional development training library

Upskill and retain your employees with access to different learning topics, all at their fingertips. From leadership, industry-specific compliance courses, HR, communications, customer service, IT training to sales skills, your employees can grow more in their current skillset and even explore other functions that they may want to explore.

Visibility over learning progress

Track course completions, send out reminders and monitor progress of who have completed their milestones. Track all types of learning activities all from one central location.

Standardised compliance courses

Access industry-specific courses to deploy to your organisation as part of their compliance requirements. Receive alerts for deadlines and track completion and pull comprehensive reports on-demand.

Various learning delivery options

Cater to a variety of learning styles by combining traditional learning (internal or external classroom based, face to face) and online learning (anywhere, anytime).

Need a hand with Learning & Development? Try our checklist.

Learning & Development Plan


Finding the right training solution can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be

Access an extensive library of courses, easily compare the best training options available, and find the right resources for all your professional developmentcompliance and safety, onboarding and business training needs.

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Why Learning Management Systems are
important for organisations


Carnival Australia

“The LMS module has been amazing for us, because we really needed that seamless link between our employee performance gaps and needs, to their development activities, and this module has really helped us with that.”

Amanda Taylor
Training Officer


“We wanted something that was easy to use and it was able to show our training obligations in a clear and concise manner, that’s what Ascender does.”

Cathy Horn
Learning and Development Manager

ACH Group

“It is fantastic to see staff embrace the new way of learning at ACH Group. All feedback from our employees has been extremely positive, with the LMS being interactive, engaging and easy to navigate.”

Who benefits from
LMS software?

Learning Management System benefits for managers

  • Bridge competency gaps
    Create learning objectives and assign courses to bridge known competency gaps. Managers can easily view all their team members and check up on how they’re progressing through their courses.
  • Increase new hires time to effectiveness
    Connect learning with your onboarding process and streamline new hires training and completion of compliance courses. You’ll have your new hires up to speed in no time.
  • Increase employee engagement
    By supporting employee’s professional development, they will feel more engaged and less likely to leave.

How a Learning Management System supports employees

  • A strong focus on professional development
    Employees will have the ability to develop their skills and learn new ones. Increasing their engagement and connectedness to your organisation.
  • Integrated Development Plan
    Connect learning to performance to create a culture of continuous development and career growth. Employees will know exactly how their learning connects to their objectives and overall company strategy.
  • Convenience
    The online based system allows employees to complete courses wherever they like, be it from the office, home or the train after work.

The benefits of Learning Management Systems for HR

  • Deliver formal courses & decrease training costs
    Moving to online learning means a decrease in training costs from face to face training and travel. Also get access to detailed reports and benchmark your company against the global average and your industry’s average.
  • Integration with HCM Suite
    Standalone or seamlessly integrated with your other HR systems, the assigning, managing and monitoring of employee learning programs has never been easier.
  • Have a compliant workforce
    Through our learning partner, we can offer an extensive list of compliance courses – which contain legally verified content and are always up-to-date with latest legislation. Never worry about being non-compliant.

Everything you need to put your people first

Our solutions come with the following benefits… 

Access to tailored end-to-end HR technology

An end-to-end solution can look different for each business. We can help find the right mix that supports your current and growing needs.

A dedicated team backing your success

We regularly survey our users on our Help Desk response, resolution times and general satisfaction with our products.

Support when you need it, in your local time

It’s important that the support you get is received when you need it. Our support, project management and regular meetings occur within normal business hours.

Administrator Training

Empower your A-team to empower your business. We deliver all training personally to guarantee that your teams can hit the ground running.

Learning Hub

Self-learning is available to you and your team so you can access information anytime you need it. Watch how-to videos and download tutorials all from one central place.

Change Management Support

This transition is for everyone. We will help you prepare your business and employees to ensure a common goal is felt and success is shared. 

Unlock the full potential of your workforce

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