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Boost employee productivity, profitability and engagement through meaningful, constructive and ongoing performance management

Performance Management doesn’t have to be hard. Provide managers with the best tools to create a culture of high performing employees. Make performance management an on-going positive process rather than an unwanted meeting at the end of the year.

Ascender’s Performance Management software allows your managers to have meaningful employee 1 on 1 sessions and feedback. Goal setting is simplified, making the employee review much easier for everyone involved, including the ability for HR to have full reporting capabilities. Emphasis is on improvement and learning and development to achieve the overall business strategy and create a high performance workforce.

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How can Performance Management improve productivity?

Investing in proper performance management decreases turnover, improves productivity, and increases engagement which all impact your ROI. High performing employee’s results in better output of work and less employees leaving your organisation.

See how much you can save with an employee performance system.

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  • On average most organisation's have an effective level of performance rate of 57%
  • On average most organisation's see an increase of 12.7%
  • Productivity improvement relies on Objectives that drive Business Outcomes
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  • 1. HRD: How engaged are your employees? 2. Gallup: Re-Engineering Performance Management

How Performance Management software works

Easily manage your position descriptions

Position Description management is fundamental to managing performance. Storing your position descriptions online means your employees can refer to them instantly and anywhere, which reduces confusion.

No more hunting around for pieces of paper or the most recent version. Employees or Managers can assign position descriptions to themselves or reports by selecting them from the Position Description library.

Write S.M.A.R.T. objectives and apply rating scales

Having quality objectives is imperative to having high performing employees. Our Objective/KPI Writer helps you create Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound goals for your employees.

You can also customise your ratings/measures for each objective to help employees know what they should prioritise for success.

Regular 1 on 1s with statuses and notes

Regular catch ups are a necessity for successful performance management. Setting an objective at the start of the year to only check progress 1 year later results in a waste of time and effort.

The Performance Management system facilitates easy 1 on 1’s with one-click statuses and online notes to keep track of what’s working and what needs special attention

Set engagement-boosting development plans!

Help your employees be the best they can be by connecting development goals to their performance plans.

Showing that you support your workforce’s continued development also delivers a major boost to engagement, not to mention the longer term benefits of being able to hire talent from within rather than externally recruiting.

Objective alignment and cascading helps your organisation achieve its strategic plan

Keep everyone on the same page, achieving the same strategic outcomes and help your employees succeed. Performance Management allows you to cascade KPI’s/Objectives.

This enables your managers to align employees to the goals, objectives or KPIs your organisation needs to achieve. Managers have instant reporting and clear line of sight of their entire teams objectives.

Assess competencies with the Feedback Writer

Performance Management assists line managers in rating employees against their competencies. Review employees against organisational competencies or role specific competencies as well as behaviours.

You can use our Competency Library or a Competency Library of your choice (including Federal Government or State Government Competency Libraries).

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Set expectations and create a rock solid foundation for your employees from hire to retire

Position Description management is a fundamental part of managing employee performance. The Ascender Position Description Manager is a software tool that streamlines the entire management process for your employee Position Descriptions.

What our clients have said about our Performance Management software

Cecile Garderes
People and Performance Director

Carnival Australia

“We find that focus is really around the great conversations that the manager and employee can have about performance and achieving success for the business. That’s where we got the biggest richness out of the tool”.

Danielle Entwistle
Senior Manager, Organisational Development

Mercedes Benz

“It’s cost effective – a two per cent increase in performance from staff within 18 months pays for the system and we’re already seeing that… It’s the easiest IT solution we’ve ever had,”

Phil Williamson
HR Director


“Your people will go from giving you 70 and 80% to giving you 120%. That’s the outcomes I’m seeing already out of this process.”

Who benefits from
Performance Management software?

Performance Management benefits for managers

  • Better Performance
    With aligned objectives and regular one on ones conversations, employees productivity and engagement is increased. Resulting in better completion of projects for Managers.
  • Less Noise and Problems
    Employee issues are discovered early and dealt with accordingly. Being able to write notes within the system enables managers to keep on-track of how employees are travellng with their objectives.
  • Better Engagement
    Ascender’s Performance Management system allows for ongoing feedback and support between employee and manager. Manager’s have increased visibility of how their employee’s are doing and know when they need help.

How Performance Management supports employees

  • More Focus
    Employees know what to focus on and have clearer understanding of their tasks and objectives.
  • Increased Engagement
    Employees will feel more engaged knowing how their work is directly impacting the company’s strategic goals through alignment with their own objectives within the Performance Management system.
  • Ongoing Recognition
    Employee’s can now receive ongoing feedback. This can be written against objectives within the Performance Management system.

The benefits of Performance Management for HR

  • Processes Completion
    HR receives complete visibility of who has set performance plans, objectives and more. This allows for HR to better keep on top of process completions within the organisation.
  • Engagement Score Increase
    Your company engagement scores will increase with performance management being a driving factor of increased engagement.
  • Less Turnover and Compliance Problems
    Employee issues are picked up early, conversations are documented, meaning less legal issues and disputes.

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Get access to our Learning Hub of Performance Management training videos. Easy how-to videos on using the system that administrators and end-users can refer back to.

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