Transform your HR team from being just an operational team to a more innovative and strategic department


Provide the best employee experiences right from the start. Level up your recruitment and onboarding with the right tools to ensure that you attract people fit for your organisation, and set them up for success before Day 1.


Empower your people at every stage of their employment journey. Avoid bottlenecks and seamlessly manage their performance, rewards & recognition and effectively communicate from an integrated HR solution.


Create a culture of continuous learning and development and equip your employees to achieve their goals. Use powerful analytics and built-in surveys to make data-driven decisions and implement strategies to engage and retain your employees.

Integrated HR and payroll tailored to the needs of your business

Unify your payroll with your HR, finance, and other applications into one ecosystem that puts your people first.

Trusted by brands across the globe


Improve how your business acquires and integrates new employees


Increase quality of hire, reduce time to effectiveness and retain your top talent.


Welcome new employees efficiently while speeding up their time to productivity.


Cultivate a more productive and efficient environment

Performance Management

Boost productivity, profitability and engagement by making goal-setting and reviews easier for both employees and managers.


Replace manual forms and give your teams the power to configure HR information to make it more meaningful for your employees.

Incident Management

Automate and standardise an incident management workflow to mitigate risk and manage incidents easily and proactively.

Remuneration Management

Make fair and easy compensation decisions that ensures retention and drives business performance.


Develop a stronger, more agile team

Learning and Development

Grow, upskill, engage and retain your employees through different delivery methods that fits all learning styles, and keep track of progress so you can stay compliant.

Talent Management

Manage your talents with sustainable employee retention plans and get to know your people better so you can grow from within.

Employee Engagement

Discover what motivates your employees and collect open and honest feedback so you know where to start when improving your HR strategies.

HR Analytics and metrics

Dive deep into your HR metrics and use these insights to act on issues, make data-driven decisions, and speak the language that executives understand.

Unlock the full potential of your workforce

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