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Ascender Advantage Team Careers

At Ascender, we provide extended payroll services across Asia Pacific. We do this through our integration of people, technology and processes. Our ultimate drive is our shared belief that payroll is people’s starting point — it enables them to live a prosperous life.

We feel strongly about our company vision which goes well beyond payroll. We realise that there is a person behind every pay and believe that the work we do and how we do it can have a positive impact.

We are born and raised here, we are transformation agents, we expect more of ourselves and we do the right thing, even when no-one is watching. These values unite and inspire us.

At Ascender, we have a group of talented people who are bound by the same goals. We are a group of passionate, ambitious, individual and visionary people. Join Ascender in helping us improve the lives of 100 million people through HR & Payroll technology.

Why we love working at Ascender

“Ascender has a unique blend of excellence and agility. I work with people I admire, have fun with, and can count on to deliver great outcomes.”

Giuliana Andrade
Partnerships and Products Manager

“Ascender gives me a place to build my knowledge and develop new skills. It provides an environment that drives me to achieve my goals.”

Eliza Crawford
Senior Business Consultant

“Ascender allows me to improve my skills and build a strategy from the ground up. I love that I can do that with a bright and supportive team!”

Nassie Bakopoulos
Marketing Specialist

“Ascender challenges me to learn and grow as an Enterprise Architect. By owning my decisions, I am able to go beyond my role and advance my career.”

Ram Mamidanna
Enterprise Architect

“Ascender’s dedicated team of professionals servicing our clients gives me the confidence I need when meeting new clients or closing deals!”

Hidekazu Matsubayashi
Business Development Manager, Japan

“I am excited about putting Ascender’s inspired vision into practice, with people who are passionate about delivering great results.”

Hylton Henry
Group Financial Controller