The benefits of moving
to Preceda

An enhanced payroll experience

Preceda takes payroll to a whole new level. Preceda’s cloudbased solution makes it easier for you to process pay, stay compliant and pay your employees correctly and on time. 

Take advantage of over 22 Ascender HCM modules

Create amazing employee experiences, boost engagement, and recruit top talent with Ascender’s own Human Capital Management solutions including Performance Management, Learning, Recruitment and OnBoarding. 

Support every step of the journey

As you transition over to Preceda we are with you every step of the way. You will have your own dedicated implementation and project managers, all from the Ascender group, to ensure the transition goes smoothly.  

Trusted by brands across the globe

The advantages of the
complete Ascender approach

One stop for all things Payroll and Human Capital Management software. The one Ascender approach provides you one source of truth for both your HR and payroll functions. One stop for customer support, information, resources and more to ensure you are getting all the benefits of an integrated payroll and human capital management system. 

By combing your payroll and human capital management software, it creates a seamless experience for both your payroll and HR teams but also your employees. You will find less data errors, have more reporting capabilities around engagement and performance and your employees will be able to access their payslips, objectives, performance plans all on the one Ascender platform. 

Webinar: How to Succeed in Engaging your Remote Workforce

The importance of onboarding new employees the right way

A good onboarding experience increases employee engagement and productivity. This results in a number of positive outcomes for an organisation including increased quality of work, referenceability, return on investment and retention.

See what our Pay ANZ to Preceda
clients have had to say

Wendy Thomas
HR Manager


“It’s been a great change and that’s not only in the cost that we’re paying on a monthly basis but also in terms of my time and the time that people in the organisation are spending on payroll.”

Veolia logo

Brett Edwards
Chief Financial Officer

Kip McGrath

“Having one provider for payroll and human capital solutions ensures we have full visibility on the HR activities in all locations and consistency of onboarding and training processes when many staff are relatively new to the organisation.”

Veolia transformed their payroll with Preceda

It's more than just payroll...

it's better reporting and visibility

Over 25 defined views readily publishable. Cloud based reporting, available anytime, anywhere. Unified dashboard with charts and infographs.

it's creating an engaged and productive workforce

Easy, stress-free employee first Ascender HCM software. Get a better business outcome all while creating engaged & fulfilled employees.

it's a Preceda Community

Get access to your own Preceda support team and online community portal. Be part of active user groups, customer events and annual customer connect conferences.

Take Control and Enhance the Value of your Ascender Experience with our Integrated Solution Partners

Unlock the Ascender Marketplace

Upskill your workforce today
Helps you enhance your Ascender investment through a comprehensive catalogue of eLearning courses from top publishes.

Manage employee compensation with confidence
Ensure pay equity across your business by connecting your Ascender HCM modules whilst streamlining your internal compensation processes.

Safeguard your employees’ financial future
Empower your employees by making it easier to choose a fund when it comes to Super through Ascender’s digital OnBoarding solution.

Empower your employees with financial freedom
Reduce financial stress and boost engagement by providing a flexible wage offerings to your employees and integrating directly with your payroll

Build a more giving society
Increase engagement and employees’ sense of belonging and meaning by making charity donations easier directly via your Ascender payroll.

The transition to Preceda means you can switch on Ascender HCM modules when you need them!

Ascender provides the technology and support you need to turbo-charge your human resource management. More than just payroll, Ascender provides a complete, integrated HR management system to let you get on with the business of growing your people and enterprise. To learn more about the importance of implementing automated HR systems, read our popular eBook, the Ultimate Human Capital Management Buyer’s Guide.

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