HCM Technology

Human Capital Management is all about getting the most out of your people. Moving beyond payroll services, Ascender is pleased to offer you access to the powerful suite of PeopleStreme technology solutions – covering every stage of the employee’s journey.

From hiring to retiring

The modular and complete suite of PeopleStreme technology tools helps you manage your people through their entire employment lifecycle. From hiring to retiring, we have the tools you need to make the most of your workforce.

Free up resources

Our Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) software is designed to make the day-to-day work of Human Resources professionals easier, freeing them up for more strategic and critical activities.

A holistic view of your HR needs

Using cloud-based services and easy-to-use interfaces, complemented by a dashboard that provides HR with a company-wide view, we make it easy for you to adopt state-of-the-art technology into your organisation.

From eRecruitment to Exit Analytics, and from Payroll to Performance Management, Ascender PeopleStreme has the right tools to help you manage your workforce while providing maximum
employee engagement.

Get the most out
of your people

Our fully-integrated human resources platform has 22 modules that take care of recruitment, talent management, learning and development, workforce planning and analytics.

Pick one, two, three, or all – the modules integrate seamlessly with each other and with our payroll platforms so you can connect instantly, making all your HR data work for you.

ascender payroll software laptop

Our complete Human Resources technology suite

We understand that the implementation of new HRIS technology can be daunting. That’s why we are proud of our reputation in helping our clients deliver on their Human Resources goals with leading edge technology and help along every step of the way.

Our modular approach allows you to only deploy what you need, and our commitment to high levels of service ensures maximum value from your investment in people and technology.

ascender payroll software laptop

Hire Great People

Great employee experiences start before the first day. Our eRecruitment and Onboarding solutions help you attract, engage, recruit and provide the best first day to your employees without missing a beat.

Manage the Ultimate Workforce

Every employee requires unique support at each stage of their employment. Keep up with their needs by equipping your HR team with the right tools to manage performance, learning, rewards & recognition, safety, and communications.

Grow Your Organisation

Know your workforce and plan for long-term success. With our powerful analytics tools, you can run surveys and gather feedback from your employees so you can gain clarity and use these insights to keep your employees engaged and fulfilled.

"It's lifted accountability, performance and productivity for us. Managers are now taking more responsibility for their employees, and are skilled to take ownership of their people."

Unlock your potential

Contact us now and discover how to unlock the full potential of your workforce.