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Learning & Development Plan Checklist

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Ascender’s Learning & Development Plan Checklist

Learning & Development plans offer your employees the opportunity to identify their strengths and development areas that will most benefit them and your business.

A good development plan focuses on the development of new skills, enhances existing ones and ensures it’s all tied back to the employee’s performance plan.

As you and your employees think about your respective development plans, remember the following:

  1. Performance and Learning should always be linked to each other.
  2. Make time to check in regularly, ensuring the Learning Plan is working for the business and the employee.
  3. Learning comes in all forms – online, events, workshops, videos, etc…

Our Learning & Development Plan Checklist is designed for managers and employees to go through together.

Done the right way, it ensures your employees are creating plans that build skills they need to improve their current performance and to reach career goals. More importantly, it builds in accountability to make sure that the lessons learned are not lessons forgotten.

Download and follow our easy 3 step process to kickstart your learning plans!