Enabling your team to thrive in a remote working environment

An online learning solution especially designed to prepare and adapt your workforce to working from home, whilst giving leaders the support needed to better manage and connect with their employees remotely.

The new way of working

The world of work is shifting. Flexible work arrangements have been around for a while, and organisations who have adapted this set up have seen benefits in cost, productivity and employee engagement. As this new way of working becomes the norm, employers have a chance to transform and enrich their employees’ experience remotely and unlock the full potential of their workforce.

Learn more about working from home – from home

Together with our learning partner, GO1, we bring you a number of online courses to help support you and your staff with the training needed to enable you to thrive in a flexible working environment and provide support for your leaders to connect with their teams. Using Ascender’s Learning Management System, your employees will gain access to the following courses, and more:

  • Transitioning to Remote Working
  • Transitioning to Remote Working for Managers
  • Healthy Living
  • Managing Stress, Anxiousness and Anxiety
  • Creating a Collaborative Working Environment

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Benefits of the online learning pathways

Provide employees access to important training

Access to curated courses in one place

Low effort to roll out across the company

Highly rated courses - endorsed by subject matter experts

Employees can access learning quickly

Access over 50,000 Premium resources

Find the best training content to develop your team.

Our learning content partner gives you instant access to thousands of learning resources, from the best content providers around the world.

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