Fostering a culture of high performance and development

Identify future leaders from within

By looking inwards and fostering a culture of high performance and development, your workforce is able to reach its full potential. Retention becomes easier too.

Learning Development System

Our Learning Development System incorporates traditional learning (internal or external classroom based, face to face) and online learning (anywhere, anytime). This combination is referred to as “blended learning” and is the most powerful and flexible learning platform for most organisations.

Talent Management

Helps to identify high-potential employees and establish a succession process to develop talent pipelines and individual succession plans.

Manage & grow your talent

Learning and Development isn’t a once-off activity anymore. Employees expect companies to provide continuous development and foster a culture of learning.

HCM Ecosystem

Future proof your business with our Learning & Talent Management platform

As part of our Human Capital Management ecosystem, we also take care of the transactional, compliance and helpdesk tasks associated with Payroll, HR and Workforce Management.

young woman

Improve your workforce
skills and productivity

Combine on-the-job learning, coaching and mentoring and a variety of formal learning activities to create an engaged workforce.

Compliance courses
included with every system

8 online compliance courses including: Discrimination & Equal Opportunity, Electronic Communication & Social Media, Misleading Conduct and Competition Law, and a bunch more!

Automate learning
to meet your process

Manage all your learning assets easily from one central location. This means tracking all types of learning activities or even creating a training program by grouping multiple training activities.

Identify and manage employee
career aspirations

Comprehensive career planning that enables employees to define career pathing, plan career development and make the organisation aware of their career aspirations.

Talent Profiling &
Deep Talent Pool Search

Every Employee can create a Talent Profile. Deep Talent Pool Search drives back-fill succession planning and offers employment opportunities within the organisation.

Manage Employee
Flight Risk

Are you at risk of losing key employees? What is their Flight Risk? Which roles are most at risk? What bench strength do you have for these roles? Integrated surveys can help with estimating the most at-risk employees.

“Your people will go from giving you 70 and 80% to giving you 120%. That’s the outcomes I’m seeing already out of this process.”

Unlock your potential

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