Streamlined talent acquisition
and onboarding

Easily onboard, induct and welcome new employees while speeding up their time to productivity

Ascender HCM - Recruitment and onboarding software helps you with:

  • Recruitment efficiency
  • Time to hire
  • Cost per hire
  • Candidate quality
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Complete digital forms prior to their first day
  • Complete mandatory policy agreements and induction courses
  • Access to contacts to help them get started at your organisation

Reduce time and effort

Ascender PeopleStreme eRecruitment is an intuitively designed Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that streamlines the recruitment process and consolidates all the associated administrative tasks while providing a really simple and engaging experience for applicants, building up your employer brand. Easily onboard, induct and welcome new employees quickly and efficiently while speeding up their time to productivity.

We have you and your people covered

When you partner with Ascender, we have you and your people covered – from hiring to retiring

Ascender provides the technology and support you need to turbo-charge your human resource management. More than just payroll, Ascender provides a complete, integrated HR management system to let you get on with the business of growing your people and enterprise.

HCM Ecosystem

Future proof your business with our eRecruitment & onBoarding platform!

Increase your recruitment efficiency

Recruitment efficiency is improved during the recruitment process by automating manual processes and significantly reducing printed materials and the great paper shuffle

Reduce your time to hire

Reduced time to hire is achieved by using online eRecruitment to reduce time delays in communication and improve workforce planning responsiveness during the applicant screening and selection processes.

Reduce your cost per hire

Reduced cost per hire is achieved by leveraging the Talent Pool that is built up as part of the Organisation Development strategy, where candidate applications are received, stored and retrieved electronically.

Engaged employees are more productive sooner

New hires are immediately engaged with your organisation via a welcome message from your executives, an overview of your organisation and a list of helpful contacts.

Auto-filled forms & digital signatures

Employees can access required forms online, such as Tax File Number, Bank Deposit forms, car park pass requests, etc. according to your company’s requirements.

Automate your induction courses

Employees can complete a full customised Induction Course with questions, pass marks and certificate of completion before they’ve even set foot in their new workplace.

"We improved the communication process amongst all the internal stakeholders...which has all worked back into improving the efficiency of the recruitment process.”

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