Linking Remuneration and Reward to Performance

Reward covers more than just compensation or pay. ​It includes the  programs, practices, elements and dimensions that collectively define an organisation’s strategy to attract, motivate and retain employees.  ​

Ascender is delighted to announce our partnership with CURO, an online, configurable compensation solution designed to ensure organisations manage and optimise their human capital investments and deliver on their reward strategies. This user-platform provides a real-time view to decision makers to support informed pay decisions.

Compensation management software solutions that make compensation decisions easy and fair.

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Align compensation with key talent and business metrics

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Why Curo?

The benefits of CURO’s remuneration solution

Enables you to maximise the impact of your remuneration spend and ensure you deliver rewards to those who contribute most to your business.

Ensures remuneration recommendations are made in line with corporate governance, and are equitable, fair and transparent.

Transforms the pay review process from a highly complex, time-consuming and exhaustive experience to one that is automated and engaging.

Provides powerful analytics and intelligent decision support to drive effective remuneration decisions to ensure you retain the right staff, drive productivity and deliver business goals.

Align compensation with key talent and business metrics

CuroEnterprise is an easy-to-use, highly configurable compensation management solution that helps organisations manage and optimize their human capital investment and deliver on their reward strategies. At Curo, we replicate the client’s process rather than having them adjust to ours.

Compensation management software solutions that make compensation decisions easy and fair


Multi currency

Simple and complex remuneration models

Multi model capable

Connects to performance

How CURO benefits organisations

Drive business performance

Get the most from your investment in compensation software by being sure to align pay to those who contribute most to your business. With a streamlined and automated process, you can spend more time focused on whether reward outcomes are linked to improved business performance.

Achieve pay transparency, equity and compliance

Build a pay equity culture in your organization by providing a clear line of sight on pay gaps. Our enterprise compensation management solutions are embedded with features to ensure compensation is managed with appropriate governance and is fair and risk aligned.

Engage employees with compensation

Enable decision makers with the right information to deliver a pay strategy that recognizes and rewards high performance and key talent. With this, you can engage your employees, attract and retain great talent and make compensation choices that will drive up productivity.

Delivered and supported by compensation experts

CURO Compensation Management software is designed and developed by compensation experts who have years of practical, in-post compensation experience. They know your challenges, share good practice and help you to take the next steps.

Making compensation easier for businesses like yours

“CURO Compensation is an affordable, user-friendly compensation planning tool. They’ve made the process efficient and seamless for leaders.”
Evolent Health

“We are extremely pleased with our choice of Curo for our compensation administration system. Curo’s flexibility and user friendly interface has helped us streamline the painful administrative processes surrounding our multiple complex compensation cycles.”
Jan Haubenreich Compensation & HRIS Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.

“Curo Compensation Management user-friendly interface has helped us to transform our manual processes and enable decision makers with the key decision support to deliver the right pay to the right people.”
Brien Risher Chief Financial Officer, Cambridge International Systems, Inc.

Manage employee compensation with confidence