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Automate and standardise an incident management workflow to mitigate risk

When incidents occur in the workplace, often an organisation’s operations, services or functions suffer disruptions or losses; if not properly managed an incident can escalate into an emergency. There can be significant negative consequences not only to an organisation’s bottom line but also its reputation.

You need to be able to manage the full lifecycle of an incident to mitigate risk, ensure compliance and gain complete visibility for HR. It is necessary to limit the potential disruption caused by such an event and to identify, analyse, and correct hazards to prevent a future reoccurrence or guard against its occurrence in the first place.

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As part of our Human Capital Management ecosystem, we also take care of the transactional, compliance and helpdesk tasks associated with Payroll, HR and Workforce Management.

Manage all types of incidents to cover all bases

Manage a variety of incidents including Health & Safety risks, whistleblowing allegations, harassment, fraud, conflicts of interest and any other breaches of policy.

Register all types of incident, investigate, take corrective action and review measures already in place so you can be ready for anything.

Access all incidents in a centralised location

You have full visibility of all of your incident management cases in progress and completed in one easily accessible location.

You have a full, all-encompassing overview of how incidents are immediately reported, investigated and then remediated using the formal incident management process.

Track and record all incidents for compliance purposes

Track and record all incidents for compliance purposes with the option to attach related documentation and evidence.

Everything is recorded and documented meticulously. You can immediately access any of the data or documents you need in relation to an incident.

Escalate critical cases, investigate, assign tasks and reminders

If an incident is quite serious, the system has the capability to handle it.

Critical incidents can be escalated to cases with investigation processes, task assignments and reminders.

Mitigate the risk associated with serious cases, ensure compliance and get the total visibility necessary to limit the potential disruption caused by such an event.

Set accountability for incidents

The system ensures key functions are covered and clear accountability is in place.

You can assign the appropriate people to be responsible for monitoring the status of certain incidents.

This way, the limits of individual accountability are clear and the right people are always kept in the loop.

Integrate seamlessly with other modules

Ascender’s Incident Management solution also integrates with other modules such as Learning and Development, Performance Management and more.

For instance, if the incident manager identifies that an employee involved in a specific incident could benefit from training, the relevant learning materials can easily be attached to their development plan.

Automate and standardise HR Incident Management workflow

Ascender’s Incident Management solution will provide data on frequency and severity of incidents; allowing you to prevent recurrences. The platform will also:

  • Improve Individual & Organisational Performance
  • Deeply connect your employees to your organisational strategies or mission
  • Reduce employee turnover and increase engagement & retention of top talent
  • Deliver Learning & Development that focusses on filling employee knowledge gaps
  • Deliver on Business Outcomes and save money
  • Provide over 600 ready-to-go objectives and 1800 measures for success!

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