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Mitigate risk with an automated and standardised incident management workflow

Disruptions to an organisation’s operations, services or functions happen when incidents occur in the workplace. If not properly managed, an incident may escalate into an emergency and have a significant negative consequence not only to an organisation’s bottom line, but also its reputation.

You need to be able to manage the full lifecycle of an incident to mitigate risk, ensure compliance and gain complete visibility for HR. It is necessary to limit the potential disruption caused by such event and to identify, analyse, and correct hazards to prevent a future reoccurrence or guard against its occurrence in the first place.

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Future proof your business using an Incident Management solution

Take advantage of an automated and standardised incident management workflow by expanding your technology to encompass the whole Human Capital Management ecosystem. Talk to us about an end-to-end solution that can also take care of transactional, compliance and helpdesk tasks associated with Payroll, HR and Workforce Management.

Cover your bases by managing all types of incidents

Manage a variety of incidents from Health & Safety risks to whistleblowing allegations, harassment, fraud, conflicts of interest and any other breaches of policy. Register all types of incidents, investigate, take corrective action and review measures already in place so you can be ready for anything.

Access all incidents in a centralised location

Ensure you have full visibility of all your in-progress and completed incidents in one accessible location. With an all-encompassing overview of these incidents, you can make sure that everything gets resolved and improvements made to avoid reoccurrence.

Track and record all incidents for compliance purposes

It’s important to record and document everything meticulously, so you can immediately access any of the data or documents you need in relation to an incident. Attach relevant information and references in each case so all evidence are documented properly.

Escalate critical cases, investigate, assign tasks and reminders

Mitigate the risk associated with serious cases, ensure compliance and get the total visibility necessary to limit the potential disruption caused by such an event. Stay on top of critical cases even as you escalate, investigate and assign tasks and reminders.

Set accountability for incidents

Ensure key functions are covered and clear accountability is in place. Assign the right people to be responsible for monitoring the status of certain incidents and keep everyone involved in the loop so all key functions are covered, and clear accountability is in place until the incident is resolved.

Integrate seamlessly with other modules

Incident management does not have to happen in a silo. With the ability to integrate with other HR modules, incident managers can make recommendations for employees involved to take training courses, or include relevant learning materials to their development plans.


Unify your payroll, HR, finance, and other applications into one ecosystem that puts your people first

What does an integrated end-to-end solution look like in your business? We can help find and tailor the right mix that supports your current and growing needs.

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Everything you need to put your people first

Our solutions come with the following benefits…

Access to tailored end-to-end HR technology

An end-to-end solution can look different for each business. We can help find the right mix that supports your current and growing needs.

A dedicated team backing your success

Your HR solution should work well with you. Our teams are dedicated to understanding your business and ensure you get the very best out of your technology.

Support when you need it, in your local time

It’s important that the support you get is received when you need it. Our support, project management and regular meetings occur within normal business hours.

Administrator Training

Empower your A-team to empower your business. We deliver all training personally to guarantee that your teams can hit the ground running.

Learning Hub

Self-learning is available to you and your team so you can access information anytime you need it. Watch how-to videos and download tutorials all from one central place.

Change Management Support

This transition is for everyone. We will help you prepare your business and employees to ensure a common goal is felt and success is shared.

Unlock your potential

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Unlock the full potential of your workforce

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