The Ultimate HCM Buyer's Guide! Your guide to choosing HR software

HR and Workforce Analytics; use data and key metrics to support your long-term goals

Stay ahead of the competition by using analytics to gain insights on your most important capital: your people. With access and ability to dive into metrics such as employee turnover, head count, promotions and demotions, employee exits, age spread, tenure, critical roles, flight risks (to name a few), you can identify how your workforce is contributing to the success of your business’ goals and growth.

But having access to the data and metrics is not enough. It is also important to match those key indicators with software capabilities, enabling you to make use of data to supports your growth and move you toward success.

If you’re considering HR, HCM, Workforce or People Analytics, we can help you build out a list of requirements, obligation-free.

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Future proof your business using HR analytics software

Take advantage of the true power of your data by expanding your technology to encompass the whole Human Capital Management ecosystem. Talk to us about an end-to-end solution that can also take care of transactional, compliance and helpdesk tasks associated with Payroll, HR and Workforce Management.

Actionable data that supports your line managers

Find the answers to key questions about your workforce challenges to help your management teams understand the impact of your HR metrics and what it means to their business units.

Integrated data with payroll and all other HCM modules

Pull data from business functions such as Payroll, Recruitment, Performance Management or even Learning & Development, to build instant reports. If you’ve got the data, why not have it complied automatically for you?

Drive your HR Strategies

HR analytics provides a framework and guidance to drive your strategies backed by key metrics. Identify the true value of your workforce and how it contributes to your business’ growth. Take away the guess work, or “I think, I feel”. Now more than ever, HR can speak a language that executives understand.

Forget about those spreadsheets!

High level organisational reports should be flexible to your business’ key metrics and other business requirements—and that flexibility doesn’t have to be on a spreadsheet.

The ability to utilise built-in or customised reports should be available to you. But hey, if you REALLY want to use spreadsheets, everything should also be exportable to be shared among your stakeholders.

Improve Business Outcomes

Access software that doesn’t skip a beat; using predictive analytics can easily identify areas of great impact to your business or innovative opportunities for growth. By transforming your data into meaningful insights, you may forecast a way to reduce costs, mitigate risk, improve readiness or identify a competitive edge.

Help management better understand their workers

HR analytics software can help your management and executive teams understand the impact of HR metrics and what it means to their business units, productivity and profitability. Improve your business outcomes, reduce unwanted turnover by targeting hot spots, improve talent readiness to take over roles that become vacant and address any other issues that are affecting your organisation.


Unify your payroll, HR, finance, and other applications into one ecosystem that puts your people first

What does an integrated end-to-end solution look like in your business? We can help find and tailor the right mix that supports your current and growing needs.

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Everything you need to put your people first

Our solutions come with the following benefits…

Access to tailored end-to-end HR technology

An end-to-end solution can look different for each business. We can help find the right mix that supports your current and growing needs.

A dedicated team backing your success

Your HR solution should work well with you. Our teams are dedicated to understanding your business and ensure you get the very best out of your technology.

Support when you need it, in your local time

It’s important that the support you get is received when you need it. Our support, project management and regular meetings occur within normal business hours.

Administrator Training

Empower your A-team to empower your business. We deliver all training personally to guarantee that your teams can hit the ground running.

Learning Hub

Self-learning is available to you and your team so you can access information anytime you need it. Watch how-to videos and download tutorials all from one central place.

Change Management Support

This transition is for everyone. We will help you prepare your business and employees to ensure a common goal is felt and success is shared.

Unlock your potential

Contact us now and discover how to unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Unlock the full potential of your workforce

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