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HR Analytics & Metrics to support your long term goals

Our HR Analytics & Metrics and Metrics platforms gives you access to HR metrics such as: employee turnover, head count, promotions & demotions, employee exits, age spread, tenure, critical roles, flight risks, average number of successors and so much more…

Ascender Workforce Analytics and software helps analyse HR metrics such as Employee Turnover, Employee Head Count, Employee Movements by type; for example Employees In, Employees Promoted, Employees Out (Exited), Employee Average Age, Average Tenure, Gender Spread, Critical Role Counts,  Average Flight Risk and many more.

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Future proof your business with our HR Analytics and Metrics platform!

As part of our Human Capital Management ecosystem, we also take care of the transactional, compliance and helpdesk tasks associated with Payroll, HR and Workforce Management.

Actionable data that supports your line managers

Get the data you need to act and remedy issues affecting your organisation. Stop wasting time collecting data in spreadsheets.

Find the answers to key questions about your workforce challenges to help your management teams understand the impact of HR Metrics and what it means to their business units.

Connect payroll data to all of your HCM modules

Got an integrated Human Capital Management suite and Payroll system? HR Analytics & Metrics is perfect for reporting across your entire platform at the click of a button!

Pull any data from your Payroll, eRecruitment, Performance Management or even Learning & Development to build instant reports. If you’ve got the data, HR Analytics and Metrics can automatically compile it for you!

Drive your HR Strategies

HR analytics provides a framework and guidance to drive your HR strategies backed by key metrics.

There’s no more guessing work or I think, I feel. Now more than ever, HR can speak a language that executives understand.

Forget about those spreadsheets!

Got a chart in mind? With high level organisational reports, right down to an individual employee’s career movements, we’ve got you covered.

You can build in-browser reports by filters such as date range, department, type of employee, job level, gender and more. But hey, if you REALLY want to use spreadsheets, everything can be exported to a CSV file or downloaded as an image for use in presentations.

Improve Business Outcomes

Using predictive analytics such as reduce unwanted turnover by targeting hot spots, improve talent readiness to take over roles that become vacant, address other issues that are affecting your organisation because you have the data to address Human Capital issues.

Help management better understand their workers

HR Analytics & Metrics makes it easy to help your management and executive teams understand the impact of HR Metrics and what it means to their business units, productivity and profitability.

The system is designed to improve your business outcomes, reduce unwanted turnover by targeting hot spots, improve talent readiness to take over roles that become vacant and address any other issues that are affecting your organisation.

Payroll integration with your HCM data

Why HR Analytics & Metrics?

Reports are typically available by time period and by organisation structure such as division, department and drill down to individual employee detail. Further advantages include:

  • Actionable data to help identify strengths and where to improve
  • Drive your HR initiatives
  • Improve business outcomes
  • Seamless integration between Payroll and HR Analytics

Manage your employees the easy way.

All Ascender HR software comes with the following benefits…

Support when you need it

Ascender help, support, project management and meetings all occur within your normal business hours.

Client Satisfaction: 96%

We regularly survey our users on our Help Desk response, resolution times and general satisfaction with our products.

Customer Success

Our Customer Experience Team helps you get the very best out of your software and ultimately help your end users succeed.

Learning Hub

Get access to our Learning Hub of Performance Management training videos. Easy how-to videos on using the system that administrators and end-users can refer back to.

Change Management

Our Manager Workshops ensure your employees know the benefits of your project and how it will help them achieve greatness!

Administrator Training

Our training is personally delivered by us and is guaranteed to get you up and running in half the time as the other vendors.

Unlock your potential

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