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Ascender and Curo Compensation partner to bring pay transparency to Asia Pacific Region

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BOSTON and SYDNEY – 2 December 2019 – Leading APAC Human Capital Management (HCM) and Payroll software provider, Ascender, has today announced a partnership with Curo Compensation Limited (Curo), a leader in remuneration management technology. This new partnership will enable clients to drive pay transparency, equity, compliance and efficiency in their pay processes. 

Designed and developed by remuneration experts, Curo’s compensation management software enables organisations to optimise their pay processes to drive business performance and employee engagement.  

Ascender’s General Manager for Growth & Strategy, Michael McNamara, believes this new partnership gives employers greater ownership over their data and processes, securely, to improve their pay decisions. 

“The cost of conducting pay analysis to address pay gaps and improve pay decisions has traditionally been out of reach for many businesses in APAC. Even those who can afford the process cannot achieve this on an ongoing basis. Our partnership with Curo will provide businesses with easy access to detailed organisational insights based on global pay analytics, highlighting areas of risk at a country, market and job level,” said McNamara.  

“Incorporating Curo’s solutions into Ascender’s payroll software is a move that aligns directly with our continued work to take pay and HCM to the next level, helping to further enhance the employee experience, improve customer orientation, enhance business performance and put their people first. It will enable businesses to redeploy resources where consultancy hours would have been required and enhance their pay structures to meet the changing demands of society and today’s workforce.”  

Fair and equitable pay is a trend impacting businesses worldwide, with governments recently introducing pay transparency laws to improve pay practices. In fact, Australia, UK, Germany and Canada have all implemented laws calling for greater pay transparency and a recent LinkedIn survey found a 136 per cent increase in employees sharing pay on the platform since 2014. 

 As part of this relationship, Ascender will incorporate Curo’s market-leading remuneration technology into its payroll and HCM offerings, including CuroEnterprise and Curo Pay Equity Tracker (CuroPET), to help businesses meet the changing needs of government and employees. CuroEnterprise works with organisations to manage and optimise investment in employees and to support better-informed pay decisions. Whilst, CuroPET is a self-service solution that provides insights on global pay equity trends, including identifying risk and uncovering pay gaps.  

Rogerio Albelo, Curo’s Head of Alliances, believes this will be a gamechanger for APAC businesses looking to optimise their investments in employee remuneration. 

“Making more informed pay decisions and understanding true pay equity not only benefits a company overall, but also demonstrates a commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce—increasingly important to attract and retain the best employees,” said Albelo.  

“We’re pleased to partner with Ascender, APAC’s leader in payroll and HCM, and provide them – and their customers – with access to solutions that help them stay on top of global pay transparency, pay equity and related issues for their work across APAC.” 

Ascender will be rolling out the technology internally before making it accessible to its customers. The new solutions will enable APAC businesses to conduct pay analysis across multiple countries, job functions, educational backgrounds and employee performance.  

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About Ascender 

With more than 1.3 million employees of Ascender customers being paid using Ascender’s Human Capital Management and payroll platforms throughout the Asia Pacific, and approximately 1,600 accounts across more than 1,100 global brands and listed companies that trust us to meet their payroll needs. 

Their regional teams and operational centres service a diverse range of customers’ payroll requirements through 900 dedicated professionals across 8 countries, who have local payroll knowledge and expertise in 7 languages across 31 country legislations. Ascender offers payroll outsourcing and cloud-based enterprise integration for businesses seeking to incorporate streamlined payrun capabilities across multi-countries through leading technology and innovative processes.  

 About Curo Compensation Limited 

Curo is a market-leading provider of compensation management software. Curo has developed a highly configurable and scalable compensation management software solution called CuroEnterprise, which enables customers to manage their pay review cycle quickly and securely in accordance with agreed and often complex compensation plans. The company sells globally and has an impressive client list. CuroEnterprise is currently used to manage compensation reviews for over 250,000 employees in 130 currencies, across 140 countries. 

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