Managing employee time and attendance is crucial to better understand workforce productivity and effectively manage employee attendance.

There are many factors to consider, and the costs of not managing employee attendance are often greater than the direct cost of wages and benefits.

Consider things such as these, which can have an indirect impact on your business:




Lost productivity

Diminished morale

Staff turnover

Manual Processes Increase the Risk of Error

Management of employee time and attendance is often a manual process that can be fraught with human error. This can cause business disruption, costing you time and money and result in employees being paid incorrectly.

Automation Streamlines Time & Attendance

Automating timesheet processes helps streamline workforce management, reduce errors and create efficiencies in your workforce management.

Ascender Workforce Management

Ascender’s workforce management solution is available in various formats and provides for:

  • Timesheet input
  • Time and attendance detail processing
  • Employee self-service timesheet entry

Our solution helps with the input of more timely and correct data (often directly by employees) as well as providing the reports you need for more efficient workforce management.

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