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For years, businesses have been focusing on such things as performance, engagement and recruitment. But with these changing times, it seems Talent Management has come to the forefront of importance.  This idea of succession planning and understanding who is a flight risk, who are your top performers and where can they contribute most to your business, is now more crucial than ever.

Join Gina Leahy, as we take you through the critical steps to building a talent management strategy.

What we’ll cover:

  • The components that make up Talent Management
  • What should the data look like and how to interpret it
  • As an organisation, where can you start to implement talent management
  • The steps you can take today, to be ready for the future

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Meet the Speakers

Gina Leahy

Customer Success Manager

A highly successful and experienced Success Manager with extensive experience of identifying the needs in corporate customers and delivering sales and marketing campaigns for key clients.

Skye Gargan

General Manager – Customer Success

Skye has a proven track record of effective business building strategies and management, and can advise on the full scope of strategic, operational and tactical human capital management considerations facing any organisation.