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Employees are the core of every successful organisation. Their hard work, knowledge and skills are some of your most valuable assets, so they should be supported by the best payroll solution that can help put your people first.

Ascender Preceda is a market-leading cloud-based payroll solution built to empower Payroll / HR teams and employees by streamlining processes, reducing time and financial overheads. For over 30 years, Preceda has been the top choice by mid-market to enterprise organisations, who enjoy a robust payroll platform with 99% uptime and a supportive community of Ascender’s payroll experts.

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Trusted by brands across the globe

The Benefits of Preceda Payroll

Get pay right every time

The Ascender Preceda solution provides accurate and efficient payroll processing for over 500,000 employees every month. Trusted household brands count on Preceda to be compliant to country-specific nuances and accommodate to even the most complex requirements to ensure the pay is right the first time, every time.

More than just payroll

Ascender Preceda scales with your business as you grow. We offer a range of delivery models to choose from depending on the business size and requirements. Our platform also easily integrates with market-leading HCM solutions, providing you with a unified experience throughout the employee lifecycle.

Be part of a community

Ascender has built an active community of over 2,000 payroll experts and passionate Preceda users to provide support and share best practices for every payroll concern. When you choose Preceda for your organisation, you gain access to this sophisticated community, where you can network with other payroll professionals.

Made in Australia
and New Zealand

With over 60 experts in charge of design and implementation, Ascender Preceda moves quickly to ensure compliance with the legislative and regulatory requirements in Australia and New Zealand. Clients are able to give input to the updates, ensuring that the platform roadmap aligns with your business priorities.

Experienced implementation

Ascender Preceda is completely developed and supported in-house, with over 150 years of experience across the product development, implementation, support and account executive teams. Our low-risk implementation methodology is designed to provide you with zero disruption and a seamless transition.

Leading voice in the
payroll industry

Ascender actively engages with leading industry organisations like The Association for Payroll Specialists (TAPS), Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Australian Business Software Industry Association (ABSIA) to stay updated with best practices, legislation and trends so we can keep you up to date too.

Preceda can be delivered with the right services to suit your business

Whether your organisation has 500 or 500,000 employees, Ascender Preceda’s comprehensive payroll technology can be configured to fit todays business requirements.

Preceda Payroll Features

One-step payroll processing

Ascender Preceda allows you to automate and process multiple legal entities in one pay run to streamline your process, giving you back time to focus on other non-administrative tasks.

Retrospective processing and Effective Dating

Ascender Preceda allows configuration of rates in advance or in arrears. The platform automatically detects differences and calculates retrospectively for review and processing.

Complete Payrun Dashboard

Get a comprehensive view of each payrun through Ascender Preceda’s payrun dashboard. The dashboard provides insight into pre-payroll checks, payrun statistics and results to give total insight to ensure your payroll is accurate and processes are efficient. Its a better way to run your pay.

Robust integration capability

The solution supports HCM and Finance ecosystems using Preceda Connect, one of Ascender’s proprietary integration software. Through its mapper, extractor and API capability, Preceda can speak to your HCM and Workforce Management solutions, ensuring a seamless experience for employees.

Flexible and customised reports

Ascender Preceda provides users with comprehensive reporting capability, regardless of delivery model. Clients are able to run their own reports, customise them as needed and get full access to their data.

Up-to-date Compliance

Ascender Preceda is fully compliant with the latest ANZ legislation, including:

  • Single Touch Payroll
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Annualised Salary Reconciliation
  • JobKeeper / Job Maker
  • NZ Payday Filing
  • Employee Share Scheme

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Preceda Customer Stories

Secure Parking puts payroll and workforce in the safe hands of an integrated system solution

“The main challenge that Secure was facing was a lack of integration. From a governance perspective and from a risk perspective, we needed to make sure that those two systems were integrated, talking to each other.”

Veolia logo

Veolia transforms its payroll with Ascender

“It’s been a great change and that’s not only in the cost that we’re paying on a monthly basis but also in terms of my time and the time that people in the organisation are spending on payroll. That’s probably been the main benefit, as it gives us more time to focus on our people rather than admin.”

Preceda Customer Stories

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