It’s no secret that many organistions have found it difficult to comply with the NZ Holiday Act due to the challenges of applying the legislation in certain situations.

It’s imperative that the payroll system being used can simplify the process of managing employees’ holiday and leave provisions.

Missing data, inaccurate entries, changes in an employee’s working arrangements, not keeping updated with the law, and wrongly configured payroll systems can all contribute to not giving an employee the correct holiday’s entitlements and pay. This leaves many organisations at risk of incorrectly paying their employees.

Why Choose Ascender?

  • A fit-for-purpose payroll engine that calculates entitlements and pay in accordance with the Act.
  • Proven technology gives you access to solutions to enhance your employee experience, connect your HR, payroll and finance systems as well as your offices across country borders and legislative environments.
  • Consistent system uptime and single database architecture delivers a high level of data currency,ensuring that employees are paid accurately on time, every time
  • Flexible configuration to accommodate organisation requirements, specialising in managing all the vagaries of the NZ Holiday Act.
  • We provide flexibility to your business with tailored solutions that suit your needs, and regular updates reflecting legislative changes to keep your business compliant.

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