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NSW Business Chamber selects Ascender to deliver integrated HR and payroll services

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Peak business organisation implements Ascender Preceda to consolidate four disparate IT systems for improved people management

June 07, 2017: Ascender has been selected by the NSW Business Chamber, the state’s peak business organisation, to consolidate HR and payroll operations across key business units.

In the past 5 years the NSW Business Chamber has experienced unprecedented growth, expanding rapidly from 300 to 750 employees. This has placed considerable strain on its existing and largely manual systems for people management. The Chamber required an intuitive, holistic system that would support its growth and bring together its internal payroll, HR, training, learning and development, workplace health and safety and incident reporting while providing new opportunities for performance management.

Alex Diab, General Manager, Human Resources, NSW Business Chamber said “We were looking for an integrated system that was simple and easy to use. We didn’t want a solution with complex dashboards that would be difficult for employees to learn, it needed to add value to their HR experience. We also needed something cost effective. Ascender understood our business challenges and provided Preceda, an all-in-one, intuitive, HR Information System (HRIS) and payroll solution, to best meet our needs now and in the future.”

“Ascender understood our business challenges and provided Preceda, an all-in-one, intuitive, HRIS and payroll solution, to best meet our needs now and in the future.”


Preceda is used daily by the Chamber’s HR, payroll and finance departments. It’s also regularly used by all managers and employees for HR, training and workplace health and safety. In addition, the solution integrates existing time sheeting processes from third party, TimeTarget.

Marjukka Mäki-Hokkonen, CEO, Ascender said, “We are proud to have been selected to help NSW Business Chamber transform its HR and payroll operations, particularly in this period of unprecedented organisational growth. That New South Wales’ peak business organisation is undertaking this system integration, highlights the trend of Australian businesses evolving to drive greater efficiencies within HR and payroll.”

The Ascender Preceda HRIS and payroll solution was implemented within its planned timeframe of four months and was exactly on budget. To date, staff feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Alex Diab said, “We’ve had great staff feedback on the consolidated system so far. It’s easy to use and has required very little change management and training. It has intuitive dashboards that deliver step by step instructions and make it easy to monitor and report on staff progress, learning and development.”

“We’re also excited to have performance management and workforce planning capabilities as the team continues to grow. Overall, we’re thrilled with Ascender and its project management and cannot wait to see the results of this transformation.”

About NSW Business Chamber: NSW Business Chamber is New South Wales’ peak business organisation. Tracing our heritage back to 1826, NSW Business Chamber’s mission is to create a better Australia by helping businesses maximise their potential. The Chamber is a passionate advocate for business in the public arena: whether standing up to government and decision makers when business interests are neglected, or working together to create positive change.

On a one-to-one basis, the Chamber helps all businesses from small enterprises to large corporations. Our commercial services division, Australian Business Solutions Group (ABSG), delivers a range of business services to both member and non-member clients throughout Australia, with the operating surplus going back to supporting Chamber initiatives.

We believe it’s important for Australia’s business community to succeed, because prosperity creates new jobs, social wealth, and better communities in which to live.

About Ascender: With more than 1.3 million employees of our Customers using Ascender’s HR/Payroll platforms as their workforce source of truth throughout Asia Pacific, nearly 1,400 global brands and listed companies trust us to meet their Payroll and business needs. We serve many large and medium-sized Customers across different industries through 800 Ascender staff in a regional footprint that is built on 35 countries’ local knowledge, and delivered in 31 languages and eight delivery centres.

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