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Ascender Asia announces an exciting platform update

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Bringing Customer Centricity to Payroll Software

28 November 2018: Ascender, one of Asia Pacific’s leaders in payroll outsourcing and workforce management, today has announced a platform rebranding to reflect the company’s evolution to become a customer-driven, global software and integration as a service provider.

Inna Wahlberg, General Manager of Ascender Asia said, “Business payroll and human capital management teams are facing a remarkable rise in operational complexity in recent times, with a need to execute time-sensitive payroll processing across multiple countries with real-time deadlines across varying legislations. We are experiencing a shift from manual workflow towards an integrated, seamless and coordinated approach. This transformation frees up productivity hours to invest in core employee engagement activities that provide intangible benefits back to the businesses in the long run.

“One of the business challenges as Ascender Asia moves from being a market disruptor to becoming one of the big enterprise providers in this segment, is finding ways to differentiate us from the competition while uncovering new ways to avoid a platform-bias.”

“We are aware of how our customers use our platform but it is also timely for us to be asking the question of how their experience is and could be enhanced.” Inna adds, “We are really trying to reverse the mindset and say, ‘let’s understand who we service, what drives and interests them, and what experience do they want’ then see how we could provide that experience through enhancement.”

Together with Head of Product Development and Professional Services Asia, Todd McDonough, they are part of the greater Ascender-wide recent organisational restructuring to make essential changes to the business enablers – people, processes, and technology that operate within the company daily.

“The best way to describe the changes in this update is that we significantly enhanced the user interface, provided compatibility with the most common modern Internet browsers, focussed upon the ease of use and further ‘under the bonnet’ changes in line with evolving security standards and performance benchmarking. These changes have been done in a way that makes them intuitive so that our customers continue their business as usual without any need for downtime to re-train their users.” Todd comments, “We looked at different ways to provide incremental updates that help our users navigate the inevitable operational complexity of Multi-country HR/Payroll solutions. Our vision is to continue to methodically and incrementally deliver a roadmap that demonstrates a truly customer-driven platform. With this update launch, we are now adapting our features behind a clear, clean brand that reflects our emphasis on a relationship built on trust and understanding.”

On 28th November 2018, Ascender Asia has proudly announced that Ascender Pay Asia will be rebranded to Ascender PeoplePay in conjunction with the version 6.0 enhancement release. This new name reflects the importance of connectivity and relationships, and most of all recognise it is the people behind the connection from both sides that make every engagement an authentic and prosperous one.

By reinventing itself and remaining committed to the building blocks of the solution, Ascender Asia is poised to drive through the next phase of progression from its Asian heritage.

About Ascender: With more than 1.3 million customer employees being serviced by Ascender’s payroll and HR platforms throughout the Asia Pacific region, approximately 1,400 global brands and listed companies across a range of different industries trust us to meet their payroll and HR needs. We service these customers through 850 dedicated Ascender staff based in 10 countries, who have local payroll and HR knowledge and expertise across 7 languages to provide solutions to 31 country legislations. For more information, visit

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