Virtual Customer Connect 2020

Day One

Inna Wahlberg

Ascender Resilience Story

Tricia Grant

Mindful Leadership

Leonie McTaggart

Supporting Mental Health in Asia

Virtual Customer Connect 2020

Day Two

Inna Wahlberg & Donovan Low

Driving Employee Engagement

Bailey Bosch, Krishna Ramalingam & Leanie McTaggart

Resilience & Mental Readiness

Sam Neo

Employee Experience

This year, we are on a mission to Elevate, Inspire and Succeed together. Other than Ascender’s experts, we are proud to introduce our keynote speakers who will share ideas and insights from their respective fields of expertise:

Sam Neo: CEO & Co-founder (of People Mentality Inc, and Stories of Asia)
Tricia Grant: Co-founder (of Tricia Grant), Facilitator and Keynote speaker
Dr. Bailey Bosch: Work/Life Strategist Founder and CEO at Remotestar Consulting

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