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Enterprise Integration, through the power of Ascender Connect

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Transform your business with one cloud-based platform

Ascender Connect enables one unified ecosystem of efficiency and empowerment — a cloud-based platform connecting payroll, HR and enterprise applications.

Connect acts as a bridge between Ascender systems and your company's HR, financial and analysis software, reflecting today's dynamic, flexible and digitally oriented workforce.

Now you can not only integrate all of your systems, but also streamline processes and information with all other systems in your organisation

The power of Ascender Connect

Watch how Ascender Connect can transform your business.

Fast, efficient, flexible and secure

Ascender Connect automates typical payroll and HR tasks, such as physically typing data from one system into another. This dramatically reduces the risk of human error; a common problem for payroll officers and HR in general.

The specialty of Connect is that you can access everything through one simple dashboard, with plug-and-play connectivity, working across all applications in perfect harmony. You'll also reap the benefits of two-way data flow between scattered data and legacy systems in one seamless, single-sign-on solution. With the streamlined approach of Ascender Connect, you can enjoy detailed reporting, statistical data capture and full data warehouse integration with ease.

Benefits of Ascender Connect


Enterprise grade data security

Your most sensitive payroll data will be completely protected by an extra security layer of APIs, while on its journey between applications.

Enhances data integrity

Experience the benefits of data integrity as automation between platforms kicks in. As data flows between enterprise applications, transfer of information ensures accuracy and consistency.

Single sign-on

Maximise your team's productivity by giving them a single sign on solution for their HR needs. Through the power of Connect, all information is easily accessible through one unified dashboard.


Powers a unified user experience

Enjoy one unified dashboard with complete connectivity and a common functionality, meaning all of your elements work together in perfect harmony.

Multi-protocol communication

Ascender Connect is up to 10 times faster than building your own custom connector and requires substantially less development and effort from your internal teams. This means your projects will be launched earlier and your IT team less overworked.

Cross-system workflow and process orchestration

You can make changes instantly, such as adding new staff, managing sick pay, holidays, leave, expenses, bonuses and overtime, all with virtually no margin for error.


Enhanced utilisation of legacy systems

You will no longer need technical staff on site managing ongoing issues, because Ascender Connect delivers easy integration with all of your existing business platforms.

Unites scattered data enabling enhanced reporting and analytics

Easy-to-use dashboards give you an aerial view of your company's entire HR ecosystem, supporting strategic planning and faster responses to problems or anomalies. Centralising HR and payroll data in the one place also delivers more intelligent analysis, resulting in more strategic decision making.

Two-way data flow for continuously synchronised data

Break down the organisational silos in your business with two-way data flow. As synchronised data flows through each business unit, big data becomes apparent and enables strategic decision making.

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