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Payroll is a fundamental part of any business, but it is often a function that is undervalued and unappreciated. With its complexities and changing legislation across regions, it is easy to settle for meeting the minimum requirements just to get people paid and focus on other parts of the business. Why fix what is not broken, right?


Ascender and our Invited Panel experts will share their thoughts on:

  • Payroll outsourcing models and requirements
  • Common challenges and resistance in shifting to outsourced payroll
  • Costs and risks involved vs. the benefits of moving to the model
  • Share our success – Ascender’s 30+ years of experience of providing payroll services

Neil Thompson

CFO, Ascender

Sandy Forrest

Ascender Public & Enterprise Services

Alana Haiduk

Principal – People and Organisation
PwC Australia

Lee Rankin

HR Operations Manager
Air Liquide

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Everything starts with pay

Studies have shown that making an investment in payroll proven to have a bigger return. Getting payroll right can boost employee morale, reduce compliance risks and ensure business continuity—and leaving the experts it take care of it will give valuable time back to leaders like you to focus on your organisation’s growth.

Panel Discussion Details:

Thursday, 23rd July, 11am  to Midday (AEST)