How does the evolution of Privacy and Data Protection Legislation impact your HR and Payroll?

Everyone is speaking about Data Privacy and Data Protection Laws these days, but what does this mean and how do we relate this to Payroll or HR?

2018 was a momentous year with the implementation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and with countries like Singapore presenting their “Smart Nation vision“, Malaysia introducing “The world’s first digital trade zone“, and Thailand outlining a “Thailand 4.0“, digital commerce is rapidly maturing and is expected to grow exponentially by 2025.

The implication is that the collection of personal data and cross border data will be increasing, and on the other hand governments will be more sensitive towards the need to protect personal data and confidential information of their citizens. So as an HR Practitioner, which are the key areas that you need to be more mindful of to ensure that you are adhering to regulation?

In this exclusive session, Anij T Janardhanan, Head of Global Compliance from Ascender will be sharing on;

  • Changing Privacy and Data Protection requirements in Asia and the impact of it.
  • What does GDPR mean for HR and Payroll and the common challenges?
  • How does your data privacy program fit into the overall compliance program?
  • Is the personal data being collected to the value of the organisation and the customer?
  • How do you better prepare your organisation.

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