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Single Touch Payroll Product Bulletin | February 2018

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Over the past year, the payroll industry and payroll professionals have been inundated with material from the ATO and consulting firms relating to Single Touch payroll (STP). This information has typically provided a high-level overview of STP, however for many, understanding what their service provider is doing to prepare for STP, and what you can do to ensure a smooth transition, are critical.

As a leading Service Provider in the Asia Pacific region servicing almost 1 million Australian employees on Ascender platforms, the ATO has recognised Ascender as a strategic partner in the deployment of STP. Senior Ascender team members have been actively involved in the design principles for many months, which ensures that as a trusted service provider, we are able to adequately deliver the required changes to all our payroll platforms.

Download our latest product bulletin to see some of the common questions we’ve been receiving in relation to Single Touch Payroll.