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Set your business up for success in 2017

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Getting on top of overlooked administrative tasks will put you in a good position for the new year. Here are some things you can start doing now to help make 2017 a success.

Where to start

For human capital professionals, a good place to start is to conduct a quick administrative audit to determine which documents are still necessary and relevant. Even if you manage most of your documentation in the cloud, reducing clutter – wherever it is – is always a good thing, so toss out any irrelevant documents.

Get up-to-date

Next, take some time to look through staff records to see whether any information needs updating, removing or correcting. Starting 2017 with a clean and organised slate will save you time later in the year.

Read between the lines

Review your current payroll data to see whether there are any apparent new insights such as patterns around sick days, common leave dates, bonus pay, and details about the work environment. Think critically about what this data means in terms of job satisfaction, training and competency.

Answers to these questions can be used to conduct a risk-assessment of your ‘human capital’ resources, and to form contingency plans for any issues that may arise – such as potential staff shortfalls or shifting priorities.

Get compliance in order

Next is the essential – albeit dry – matter of compliance. It’s probably the last thing you want to think about after coming back from your Christmas break, but it’s on you to weed out any oversights in legislative requirements affecting your organisation and your industry. This will prevent your business from being left open to potential breaches and even fines.

Be prepared for what’s ahead

Once you’ve taken care of these fiddly tasks, you’ll be free to sit back and assess your business’ performance in the previous year and plan improvements that can be implemented this year.

For instance, in just a few years leading up to 2016, organisations of all shapes and sizes have seen most aspects of their business disrupted by new and emerging technologies. Increasingly powerful mobile devices, intelligent cloud computing platforms and big data are presenting entirely new possibilities for success – along with new challenges for managing your people.

Companies seeking better engagement with their employees – especially millennials – need to embrace these new tools as more people demand greater control over how and where they work and connect, as well as how they are paid.

Embrace change

With so many people now in a state of constant-connectivity, it’s important that you’re part of the conversations that might influence how your brand is perceived, both by your existing staff and by prospective employees you might be competing for in the future.

In the past few years, we’ve seen an amazing degree of change and disruption to just about every aspect of our lives, including how we experience, think and feel about work.

Whether 2017 will continue on this steep trajectory remains unknown, but if 2016 has taught us anything, it’s to always view change as a constant, listen to the conversations that matter, and never take your eye off the ball.

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