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How to make your learning programs count | Ascender

How to make your learning programs count

You only have to look at the way universities are diving headfirst into a brave new world of web-based and experiential teaching methods to realise that the way we learn has changed. The exciting new knowledge around how people learn offers major opportunities, not just for education institutions, but also for all types of businesses. Ascender was recently involved in the LearnX Live! Summit in Melbourne – here are the most powerful trends that came out of the event.

‘Micro’ and ‘just in time’ learning

The micro-learning model, also known as ‘just in time’ learning, allows organisations to upskill their people whenever it becomes necessary, rather than paying for them to do a large and time-consuming course. Instead, employees are being encouraged to undertake short and sharp courses based on the specific skills and competencies needed in one’s job. They are small bites of learning rather than enormous slabs of education.

Push turns to pull

It has long been the norm for management to control the types of learning that are offered to which teams, and when. There is now a greater emphasis on the learners themselves taking control of their own training, with the support of the learning and development manager or team. Employees are being empowered to develop their own individual development processes and plans, with powerful results.

Learning gets the social media treatment

When learners can communicate in a socially networked environment it results in a greater hunger for learning. Recent research suggests socialisation is responsible for a 68% uplift in users’ frequency of performing self-regulated learning. When learners are able to see the learning activities and updates of their peers, they are more likely to join in and learn more.

Inductions – learning from day one

According to recruitment specialist Randstad, one in three employees will leave their job within the first 12 months. Their research shows that providing employees with a realistic job preview and a structured induction and onboarding program is key to reducing departures in the first six to 12 months. Before a staff member even launches into their job they should be introduced to the business and its brands through an engaging learning module. Many businesses, including major Australian banks, are realising the value of processes that promote immediate learning.

Augmented and virtual reality

Banks, major engineering and construction firms, among others, are working with technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality to make learning far more interactive. Such innovation is immensely useful for all types of learning, but particularly powerful for compliance, OH&S and other risk-related learning. Engineering firms can walk builders through a digital worksite, for instance, and walk them up to the ‘dangers’ along the way.

Gamification of POS system training

When businesses introduce new point-of-sale (POS) technology, one of the biggest challenges is getting its users up to speed. Smart POS system producers are now developing apps that turn training into game-based learning that can be turned into friendly, fun competition between staff members. As well as boosting staff morale and enjoyment of their role, finding ways to engage staff in training has significant benefits for the business’ bottom line.

Online video for learning

A trend that was given considerable coverage at LearnX is the growth in online video learning and the powerful benefits of visual learning cues. Ascender creates cutting edge animated videos well suited to change-management situations, new product launches and more.

Engage your staff

A customised education program is a great way to ensure staff engage with their training, while also allowing businesses to tailor their messaging around their needs and objectives. Drawing on Ascender’s experience creating customised learning programs, we’ve identified six ways to engage your staff in training.

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