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How your systems can talk to each other | Ascender Human Capital Management

How your systems can talk to each other

Every manager working today can appreciate just how beneficial it would be to have core business systems fully integrated and able to talk to each other across different platforms. Yet so many organisations struggle in vain, soaking up valuable time and resources manually transferring data across multiple incompatible systems.

The nature of work faces its greatest period of disruption in decades, with no organisation immune. Advancements in technology and the growing number of mobile devices in the workforce means that staff can now work anywhere, at any time. Distance is no longer a boundary – and while this has its benefits, the variety in people's circumstances and work environments adds to the complexity of HR and payroll functions. Now more than ever, organisations need their systems to talk to each other.

Ascender understands that HR and payroll departments are struggling to keep up with these developments, but with the right approach to managing and interpreting data, these challenges can be turned into a competitive advantage.

The ability to seamlessly manage staff pay functions across multiple jurisdictions and time zones can be extremely powerful. By streamlining processes, HR managers can focus on their more complex and strategic responsibilities, leaving staff to access and update their own records from anywhere, via any device, with the confidence that their information is stored securely in the cloud.

Ascender allows for easy system integration for training and education, workplace safety and compliance, while also supporting management of all staff. Having the one central contact point for all HR and payroll functions also translates into exciting opportunities to apply big data and business intelligence applications, which provide better visibility in the business as a whole.

Ascender Connect allows for proper integration between key platforms including SAP, PeopleSoft,, Workday and Google Docs, meaning you can preserve your legacy systems investment. Connected via a secure and scalable cloud architecture, both you, and the staff who depend on you, benefit from having one central location for managing, updating and analysing all data related to HR and payroll.

Transform your business with one cloud-based platform, find out more about Ascender Connect.