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Compliance Training | 6 steps to make compliance training exciting

While the mere mention of compliance can cause employee’s eyes to glaze over, the 106,565 serious workers compensation claims in 2013/14 alone are proof that it’s in everyone’s best interests to pay attention. And even though there are plenty of statistics that will make your employees sit up and take notice, a scare campaign is by no means necessary. Making compliance exciting isn’t impossible, not even close. Our experts outline 6 simple ways to engage your staff in the topic of compliance.

The very best performing businesses in the compliance space have made safety a central pillar of their organisation’s culture and mission. They have a strong desire to get compliance right rather than simply ticking a box. But how do they do it? How do they engage staff in the safety journey in order to, dare we say it, make compliance exciting?

Ascender has worked with many of the highest performing organisations for well over a decade. Here are our learnings on how a business and its staff go from good to great in the compliance game.

1. Be a storyteller

Don’t just tell staff what they have to do, but also tell stories that people can relate to. Tell people about things that have happened on various work sites and discuss the results of those events, the effects that rippled out from each accident or problem. Ask them to imagine themselves in that situation and then challenge them to figure out what could have been done differently to avoid the issue.

2. Illustrate their role

Compliance should be presented to staff as something they own and in which they play a vital role. It is not something that is simply forced upon them.

3. Ensure top down support

Within a business, any major project, change or strategy that doesn’t have a sponsor at the executive level has a greater chance of failure. Compliance is no different. If the leadership team openly supports, pushes and demonstrates the vital importance of compliance within the organisation, then staff are more likely to take it seriously.

4. Discuss daily

Regular toolbox talks – which should occur daily in particularly challenging environments such as mine sites – are important methods of safety communication. They help to avoid the problem of compliance becoming an annual one-off that is quickly forgotten. Delegate these discussions to specific individuals or teams to ensure various staff members put extra thought into such issues.

5. Make compliance central to company values

Every meeting, from casual get-togethers to AGMs, can and should begin with a reference to the importance of compliance as it relates to staff health and safety, and to organisational performance. Constantly remind staff that a central principle of everything the business does is based around health, safety and fairness.

6. Align compliance with KPIs

If you really want to see results, align compliance with the KPIs of individuals and departments. Challenge them to do things even better in order to be rewarded for higher performance. Make it part of performance discussions. That way, if a team is working hard, innovating effectively or looking for other ways to improve performance, they will always do it with the knowledge that safety comes first.

Customised compliance training

Before employees can fulfil their compliance responsibilities they need to understand what they are. With Compliance Ready, your employees will see real-life scenarios, simple language and best-practice learning principles. Customisable to your organisation’s unique needs, Compliance Ready is an engaging way to deliver compliance training. Request a demo of Compliance Ready and learn more about how you can mitigate risks in your workplace.

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