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Payroll & HR Trends 2020 | Importance of Employee Engagement and Wellness

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As you know, with the escalating severity of the various outbreaks globally, it has changed how the global economy and businesses are operating worldwide.

As one of the subject matter experts in the market, we would like to provide you with relevant and up to date information pertaining to the current business situation. Hence in this webinar, we will be focusing your attention on the Top Two trends: Employee Engagement and Employee Wellness, which are closer to the heart of the situation at this moment.

In this webinar, you can expect to hear more from Ascender’s expert, Donovan Low on;

  • How will Employee Engagement and Wellness impact you and your organisation • What Employees Need From Leaders Right Now
  • Ensuring productivity and Engagement while working remotely
  • Discover ideas and strategies that you can use for the current situation
  • Open Q&A session