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Navigating Australia’s new workplace reality

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How has the pandemic changed leaders’ attitudes towards workforce management, well-being, and technology?

Australian businesses and their leaders have had to quickly adjust to new working conditions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To develop a better understanding of how and where companies work, and how they feel about it in today’s reality, Ascender parent company Ceridian partnered with Mahlab to survey Australian senior HR leaders and C-suite executives about how they have shifted gears when it comes to hiring and retention, well-being, remote working, and technology use.

Key insights in our report include:

  • Workplaces are dramatically changing hiring practices, with a quarter of Australian businesses introducing online hiring and onboarding platforms and practices
  • Remote work is having positive impacts on workplaces hiring more diverse talent from a wider pool of candidates
  • Remote work is no longer considered a perk but an expectation
  • Employers are increasingly concerned about losing top talent when the market recovers
  • Employee stress levels and workloads have increased over recent months