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The link between payroll outsourcing and business outcomes

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Payroll is a fundamental part of any business, but it is often an undervalued and underappreciated function.

With the world of work continuously changing, payroll can sometimes be left behind – But as the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a swift transformation across industries and economies, payroll’s role has become more prominent in helping your people adapt to the new reality and reduce risks at the same time. As we navigate through this disruption, getting pay right can spell the difference between a company that is thriving to one that is merely surviving.
In this session, panellist will dive into:

  • The impact of payroll to your overall business health
  • What getting pay right means for employee engagement and wellness
  • The risks of non-compliance to legislation
  • How to help payroll teams manage the process even in the midst of a crisis
  • The benefits of outsourcing payroll for business continuity


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