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NSW Public Sector Innovation Showcase

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Dolton House, Sydney | Tuesday, 30 March 2021


Behind every great innovation is an unmet need that someone has taken the care and the curiosity to find.

When the public sector focuses on innovation the game changes completely. It becomes one of constant learning, changing and growth. Teams collaborate, try new things and recognise challenges as opportunities to learn.

Take the recent crisis. The last year has truly highlighted how capable NSW public leaders are at remaining resilient as they have learnt, adapted and progressed the state through testing times.

So how might we continue to empower and enable our leaders to work in more innovative ways so that they can face the complex challenges in the public sector? Let’s start by sharing more with each other.

Join Ascender at Innovate NSW, as part of the Public Sector Innovation Series which returns this March in a unique hybrid form – taking place both in-person and virtually. The event will bring together the best minds from across the state as they highlight stories of all the good work happening across NSW and the steps being taken to drive holistic innovation for a unified government.


Dolton House, Sydney | Tuesday, 30 March 2021

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