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Identify Pay Equity Issues in your organisation | Ascender on demand Webinar

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Pay equity has become a strategic business imperative and a regulatory compliance requirement​, without it, companies have an increased exposure to litigation and reputational or brand damage.

Tackling pay equity not only reaps business benefits, it demonstrates a commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce that is a differentiator in the war for talent.

To meet this challenge Ascender partner CURO, has developed a pay equity software solution which provides insights on pay equity status within your organization, so you can identify key areas of risk quickly and accurately.

In the webinar we will explain how our Pay Equity solution helps you:

  • Get detailed pay equity analytics highlighting areas of risk at a country, business group or job level.
  • Upload and update data as often as you choose and immediately access fresh insights.
  • Drill down to individual employee data to track the pay equity status, actions or justifications.
  • Get the analysis needed to think globally while acting locally, and ensure fair treatment of employees.

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