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How to go global with your HCM

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While the majority of human resources functions are reasonably portable across regions and countries, the complex legislative environments for payroll make it far more difficult for a single system to satisfy all payroll needs. That’s where a global HR solution such as Workday or SAP Success Factors come in. By integrating with a specialist payroll provider, the system enables you to deliver a fully-featured HR/payroll solution across the world.

When managed correctly, the move will see you achieve a global perspective on your workforce with the security of local compliance. A single system that operates the employee HR lifecycle for your entire business ensures these complex processes are streamlined and optimised. At the same time, the specialist payroll providers allow you to deal confidently with the many complexities of local legislative, reporting, taxation and related processes. All these are needed to deliver a secure, accurate and compliant payroll outcome for your employees.

Before you make a move, do your research on your payroll partner – above all you need to see demonstrated capability. The market is product-saturated with many offers touting their leading-edge features, however, these elements pale into insignificance when compared with the business risk of getting your payroll wrong. Payroll might not improve your business margin, give you a competitive advantage or help you sell the next product. However, if managed poorly, your business has to deal with your staff, the union, the media and the tax authority.

When you’re ready to integrate, consider these important things:

  • Ensure your key team members at all levels are on board.
  • Clearly define the business outcomes you’re aiming for and put any assumptions, benefits or hurdles to the test before you begin.
  • Select a vendor/s who know what they’re doing and have proven capability in the specific areas, scenarios, countries and solutions that are part of your scope.

The benefit of tackling this next step with Ascender’s payroll solutions is simple: we have plenty of experience in dealing with these challenges across multiple businesses, with authentic scenarios; we have successfully managed them, and we are Workday certified. We already have many mutual customers across different industries and countries who are using the integration with our HR partners. Our partnership is excellent, and we consistently deliver the outcomes our customers expect.

Go global with your HCM

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