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How Technology Improves the Employee Experience | Ascender on demand Webinar

On-demand Webinars Changing Employee Needs Learning and Development Performance Management

Current HR technology like employee performance management, development and engagement are more powerful, concise and configurable than ever before.

In this webinar we explain how proper utilization of these solutions creates an experience that employees feel is more intimate and intuitive, and correlates to the positive experience they enjoy as consumers of popular apps and websites every day.

In addition, a connected and engaged workforce is generally happier and more aligned with company goals and are far more likely to positively contribute to business performance and culture.

Key areas we discuss:

  • Using technology to create a bespoke experience for each employee
  • Offering employees apps that mimic the same experience they love as consumers
  • Prioritizing wellness programs and place them at employee’s fingertips
  • Fostering a digital-first culture by digitizing the employee experience

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