Automated Onboarding & Induction made easy!

With Ascender Onboarding, your new employees will:

  • Receive welcome messages from your Executives
  • Complete digital forms prior to their first day
  • Complete mandatory policy agreements and induction courses
  • Get access to key contacts to help them get started at your organisation.
  • Always be kept in the loop during their pre-employment and post employment period
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Decrease time to
employee productivity

Engaged employees are more productive, sooner

Onboard faster than ever by giving them the tools to complete forms and policies online before they even start. Make this a positive experience for your new hire while reducing time to productivity.

Auto-filled forms and digital signatures

With Ascender Onboarding employees can access required forms online, such as Tax File Number, Bank Deposit forms, car park pass requests, etc. according to your company’s requirements.

Automate your induction courses

Employees can complete a full customised Induction Course with questions, pass marks and certificate of completion before they’ve even set foot in their new workplace.

Online and automated policy management

Our Onboarding software allows employees to sign off on all of their mandatory policies electronically. No more searching for documents or chasing down forms, it’s all online.

Friendly welcome messages and contacts

The day the employee is hired, they can commence their journey with your organisation, starting with a message from your CEO or their new manager, giving them an overview of your organisation.

Fill out a form once, auto-fill the rest!

Your new recruits only need enter their details once, and our Onboarding portal uses these details to automatically fill out all basic info in their tax forms, induction checklists, banking forms and more!

Unlock the potential of your workforce

Streamline your Onboarding process with our user friendly software.

Easily onboard, induct and welcome new employees quickly and efficiently while speeding up their time to productivity.

Onboarding software on PC

We can easily onboard, induct and welcome new employees quickly and efficiently while speeding up their time to productivity.

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Unlock your potential

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