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The Gig Economy Is Here To Stay

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Some companies, especially in the manufacturing sector, have long relied on a flexible workforce, hiring staff on a short-term basis to meet the demands of seasonal busy periods. However, technology and changing attitudes are making it easier than ever for businesses in Asia to take advantage of the gig economy – a term that describes the increasing use of independent contract workers for short-term engagements.

This provides an incredible opportunity for businesses. It helps them to become more agile, adjusting the size of their workforce to suit demand, and to reinvigorate themselves with new skills and experience.

While service providers, such as ride-sharing platform Uber, have become the face of the gig economy, established global businesses are increasingly taking advantage.

To help businesses understand and navigate the gig economy, Inna Wahlberg, Ascender’s Asia & Middle East General Manager, takes us through how companies can harness the gig economy to help address a business’ skills gap or labour shortage cost effectively.

For businesses in Asia Pacific looking to take advantage of the opportunities the gig economy presents, it is important they ensure HR and payroll are well prepared to manage this part of the workforce.

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