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Employee Succession Planning Checklist

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PeopleStreme’s Employee Succession Planning Checklist

When an employee moves on, recruiting outside the business is sometimes the only perceivable option…

The problem with this way of thinking, is it costs a lot of money and wastes far too much time!

  1. Recruitment agency fees
  2. Job posting ad costs
  3. Reduced productivity
  4. Downtime between roles
  5. Printing and packaging costs & time
  6. Risk of new employee leaving early, which doubles your costs 🙁

The list goes on…

Internal succession is a MUCH better option!

  1. Employees are on standby to fill a role they’ve expressed interest in
  2. Career Growth satisfaction increases
  3. Risk of low productivity is reduced as employees already understand the business
  4. Less chance of early attrition and much lower costs!

Download our Employee Succession Planning Checklist to future proof your organisation from risk!