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    Engineering a Global Talent Company | A SuccessFactors Case Study

    Tenova, a leading supplier of advanced technologies, products and engineering services for the metals and mining & mineral industries, needed to implement a new HR solution that could support the international growth of the business with powerful analytical and decision-making capabilities, as well as nurture its people in order to build a real global talent company.

    Tenova is a worldwide supplier of advanced technologies, products and engineering services covering key segments of the metallurgical process and the entire mining value chain. Combining process and automation know-how, Tenova provides its customers with high-added value solutions. With 4,800 people, Tenova, with its network companies, operates in 26 countries, on 5 continents. Technological innovation, environmental consciousness, commitment and passion: these are the drivers on which Tenova built its competitive advantage as an integrated and flexible organisation.

    A Challenging Growth

    Since 2006, Tenova has experienced significant dimensional growth in its international workforce, from less than 1,000 employees in 2006 to 4,800 in 2014. Last year alone, following the last main acquisitions, the company expanded by 25%. The increasing organisational complexity resulting from the expansion caused a decrease in global governance and central control of HR processes, decisions and people management.

    This situation presented a big challenge to Tenova from a business point of view, especially since it values its people as the critical success factor in fostering competitiveness and innovation.

    In response to this, the CEO and the companies’ top management requested the review and harmonisation of key HR processes, in order to support business development and decision making. The existing HR and IT systems and processes were found incapable of sustaining such an evolution; different HR systems among countries, with varying coverage levels, made it very difficult to have a reliable, consistent and updated HR data, which are needed in making strategic decisions, as well as to establish uniform people management and way of working through common policies and procedures.

    The HR Platform Project

    Following the internal definition of the desired TO-BE model and execution of gap analysis, Tenova searched the market to find the right long-term partner that could help achieve its ultimate HR transformation goal: establish integrated HR processes on a globally integrated HR scenario, based on a common global set of information, to support growth through the development of business-critical HR factors and powerful analytical capabilities. Ascender (at the time NGA ANZ) won this selection.

    The HR Platform Project covers the entire Tenova Group all over the world in 5 languages (Chinese, English, German, Italian and Russian), with the aim of streamlining Talent Management and HR Analytics functionalities. Processes in scope are performance, compensation and benefits, organisational structure, recruiting and selection, training and development, workforce planning, reporting and KPIs. The nre HR system also needs to incorporate the “core HR” process flows already in place while, from a technological point of view, integrating seamlessly with the current SAP HCM landscape.

    Tenova’s core asset is its people: talent management is a key process and the HR platform we developed is the foundation of it. I believe we have strongly improved our talent decision process, which has become much more fact-based, while enjoying, from an IT perspective, a global, common and secure platform. – Andrea Lovato, Chief Human Resources and Information Officer, M&A

    The overall project goal can be split into 3 key pillars, each with its specific objectives:

    • Strategy: To provide top management with metrics in the form of strategic HR dashboards and KPIs – on different dimensions and with varying degrees of geographical / organisational detail – which will form the basis of the business strategy, as well as enable HR management to better control HR functioning and maintain alignment with business evolutions.
    • Operating: To commend human capital by improving related process efficiency and HR data quality as well as establishing a common way of working with a strong worldwide focus on people development.
    • Basic HR: To harmonise data collection at the corporate level by leveraging a single master data, thus allowing for standardisation of data sets and coverage, data consistency and reliability, and increased availability of information at the global level.

    The Ascender Way to HR Success

    During the proposal stage, Ascender advised Tenova how to achieve the expected goals and on all of the possible technological scenarios that could enable the desired HR change.

    The Ascender way to Tenova’s successful HR Transformation is represented by a hybrid approach. SuccessFactors was selected by Tenova as the best-fit option for Talent Management redesign, with cloud solutions adopting best-of-breed streamlined processes as well as ensuring usability and, thus, acceptance. It also permitted a full coverage of functionalities needed by Tenova within a short implementation time. Ascender took charge of implementing the following SuccessFactors modules: Employee Profile, Performance & Goals, Compensation, Succession & Development, Recruiting and Learning.

    On top of this, Nakisa was chosen to improve organisational structure management while SAP Budget and Planning Consolidation (BPC) was deployed to sustain workforce planning and analytics, headcount reporting and cost analysis. The existing SAP ERP HCM environment would be leveraged as a single master data for all of the HR information at both the corporate and local levels and would be integrated with both the SuccessFactors platform and local legacy payroll systems.

    From a project time-scale perspective, a gradual approach was employed, beginning with a pilot phase, followed by 3 different waves for the different groups of functionalities. Ascender would also provide post-project training using the “train the trainer” approach.

    The Benefits

    The project go-live is well underway, with waves completed, so far, on time and within budget. The Group already estimated 10% savings on HR activities, thanks to improved quality of information and increased process efficiency. In particular, the sources of savings are:

    • Real integrated HR landscape, avoiding duplicate recording of data on multiple systems, redundancy, errors, reworks and manual checks, and periodic and ad hoc requests for HR information, thereby allowing for fast execution of all HR processes
    • Increased coverage of performance management and efficient process traceability at the corporate level
    • Ability to perform hiring approvals directly on the system, which also permits tracking of candidate selection for current and future job opportunities in a common database
    • Regular updating and alignment of organisational charts with structural changes, both at the local and corporate levels
    • Elimination of main ICT local solutions

    The SuccessFactors solution has received, up to now, excellent feedback from users, thus facilitating change management and engagement in a new way of working.

    Andrea Lovato, Tenova Chief Human Resources and Information Officer, M&A, commented on the HR Platform Project objectives: talent management is a key process and the HR platform we developed is the foundation of it. We now have access to our employees’ skill sets career experiences and performance. We can easily share these through our company network and access our organisation’s talent much more efficiently. Our HR team is accessing an accurate employee database while the management has abandoned any other HR self developed applications, thanks to the ease of use of the SuccessFactors platform. I believe we have strongly improved our talent decision process, which has become much more fact-based while enjoying, from an IT perspective, a global, common and secure platform.

    Why Ascender

    Tenova chose Ascender as a partner to develop its HR Platform Project because of both our strong competencies in the IT field and our proven ability to deal with all HR issues. Working with Ascender consultants, Tenova had the chance to witness and appreciate their ability to suggest new points of view and make constructive criticisms, allowing Tenova to identify issues and weaknesses that would otherwise remain undisclosed.