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Santen Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd (Philippines)


Looking to the future: payroll as a starting point for a clearer vision in life

Santen Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd’s vision is to help their customers literally have a clear vision for life. As a specialized pharmaceutical company in the ophthalmic field, they are dedicated to improving the eyesight and health of their customers, benefiting not only the patients but also their loved ones. Their global presence ranges from their headquarters in Japan and extends all the way to Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Santen takes it as their responsibility to address unmet needs in regions where ophthalmic treatments are not sufficiently provided, especially for glaucoma and retinal disorders. Santen in the Philippines is one of their newest locations, established in 2015 with 3 employees.

As a start-up company in 2015, Santen Philippines didn’t need to have payroll software. Three employees didn’t need a lot of effort in terms of computing their pay, so they settled for a manual method of computing. However, as they have plans of expansion by 2016, Santen realized that they needed to make sure their people are focused on their vision, so they made the decision to outsource their payroll processing to reduce manual work and for them to focus on their revenue generating tasks.

Choosing Ascender as their payroll vendor was largely due to the ease of communication. Ascender’s experience in multi-country payroll outsourcing in Asia gives them an edge in understanding the needs of Santen at a very local level – from set-up to incorporating laws and legislations into the system. Combining Ascender’s expertise with Santen’s forward-thinking decision to outsource their payroll while they were still at start-up stage, the implementation of the Ascender PeoplePay payroll and leave system and the transition of their payroll processes to the outsource team was a breeze.

Now with 28 employees and growing, Santen Philippines is able to focus better on achieving their vision of sustainable growth by creating and maximizing personnel’s value strategically, leading changes and maximizing organizational results. “If you want to be number one in the industry you are in, you need partner with No. 1 service provider. Ascender has provided us with the best service, and we are highly confident that our goal of becoming a specialized pharmaceutical company with global presence will be met with ease.”