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Enabling customers reimagine the world through payroll

HCL Axon is committed to build value-centric relationships with their customers as they enable them through IT. With over 20 years of presence in across almost 30 countries, their goal is “…to be the technology partner of choice for forward-looking customers by collaboratively transforming technology into business advantage.” HCL is currently delivering solutions to more than 60 companies in various industries ranging from banking and financial services, insurance, telecommunications, to oil and gas, logistics and travel.

Their value-centric approach to their business enables them to innovate in order to build relationships with their customers that go beyond the contract. To do this, they have an “Employees First” philosophy, which gives them the capability to continue to pursue their customer’s best interests.

The same is true for Ascender, and this makes the partnership with HCL Axon a great fit. To keep up with the tech industry’s rapidly changing environment, they need to have a reliable payroll system that delivers accurate, simple, flexible reports so their leaders can interpret for analysis and decision making for their employees to improve their customer’s business through everyday innovation.

HCL Axon Malaysia has over 550 headcount and is under a fully managed payroll service using the Ascender PeoplePay system. Using Ascender’s solution has provided them with accurate, real-time reporting for their payroll that they can retrieve quickly when needed. The pay calculations are done according to their internal policies, ensuring their employees are paid correctly and on time.

Statutory payments to the government are also made on time, keeping the organisation compliant to country legislations. Employee confidentiality is assured with the solution, and the payroll system software lessens the human involvement, helping avoid any compliance and audit issues within their HR. With trust as one of HCL Axon’s core values, being compliant is very critical for them.

Ascender has provided the lowest cost among all solutions that HCL Axon has considered, with guaranteed accuracy and dedicated support teams. Through dedication at seeing payroll as a starting point, Ascender is able to help HCL Axon Malaysia to enable their customers reimagine their business in the digital age.