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How outsourcing payroll helped in Cadence’s rhythm

Cadence Design Systems, Inc, or simply Cadence, provides leading electronic design automation (EDA) software and hardware, which is used in the design of innovative electronic products that transform the way people live and work. Their system design enablement strategy helps provide the resources to semiconductor and systems companies to develop highly differentiated products in aerospace, automotive, cloud datacenter, consumer, industrial, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and other market segments. With 1.82 billion in revenue in 2016, 7,200 employees in 42 countries, Cadence has made a name and has been an important partner for other technology giants such as Intel, AMD, ARM, Freescale Semiconductor and Samsung in creating their products that’s used by almost everyone everywhere. As what their name means, Cadence provides the underlying “rhythm” for their clients who uses their solutions.

But this rhythm can be hard to keep if you’re a small team servicing a big employee headcount. With over 1,200+ employees based in Singapore, China, Taiwan, and Korea, processing their payroll was a huge task for a 4-person team. “Our employee headcount had doubled since ten years ago, and it’s necessary to partner with a good service provider for our payroll needs,” Kim Sung Woo, Payroll Team Manager of Cadence Asia Pacific, shares. “Outsourcing payroll is just more cost-effective in the long run.”

Ascender has been providing fully managed payroll services to Cadence Asia Pacific for over 8 years now, and they have helped Cadence’s payroll team ensure that their employees are paid on time year on year as they grew. With four countries under one payroll team, having their payroll outsourced ensured compliance with various statutory requirements in the country through Ascender’s payroll and legislative expertise. They are ensured of professional payroll services all the time, with a dedicated, responsive team taking care of the end-to-end payroll process.

Outsourcing their payroll gave them time savings and increased their productivity every year. With a payroll calendar developed with the Ascender team at the start of every year, this gives them time to forecast and plot their deliverables early to ensure a smooth process. Ascender, in turn, delivers accurate and high-quality payroll data for every run, something that was a challenge to their former payroll providers. “We’ve had providers who were not familiar with Cadence’s general process and practice, and this led to some miscommunications,” he shares. “Ascender takes the time to know us more, and they communicate with us closely. We are satisfied with the quality and accuracy that the team provides.”

“If I were to rate my satisfaction with Ascender, I’d say I’m quite satisfied,” Kim Sung Woo says. “Overall, we are comfortable with our relationship with Ascender. I would recommend their services to my friends and clients.”